I offer specialized yoga classes for whoever you are, whatever your body is like, and however you need to grow.

as a 225 hour certified instructor, I blend the teachings of Jesus into the physical yoga postures for a powerful experience that I, along with many others, have found to be profoundly & intimately healing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual self.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m not good at yoga though…
well, firstly, this is not a question 😉 secondly, if you have a body, if you breathe, and if you have any feelings, I promise that you can do yoga. it’s not about instagram-worthy photos; it’s about healing, practice, personal growth, encountering the presence of Divine Love, loving your body, and both outer & inner alignment.

how long does a class last?
private classes last 90 minutes because they include personal healing evaluations and are very specialized. group classes last 60 minutes.

how much does a class cost?
private classes are $50
group classes are $10

where do the classes take place?
private classes take place at either my home or the home of the client.
group classes can take place at many different locations; if you are requesting a yoga event, you can email Moriah ( about the size of the location you will need.
I don’t currently teach weekly group classes

what are the benefits?
I wrote a whole post about it here, but anxiety relief, a less tense body, increased flexibility, patience, positive body image, and strength are just a few benefits 😉