hi beauties. I love you guys so much.

today I have a really important chat for y’all. it’s not only timely for Palm Sunday, but it’s a valuable & precious mantra for a lifetime. yeah. it’s that piercing.

when Jesus entered the city, the people waved palm branches & blessed Him, and later on they received Jesus Himself on the cross. today we open our palms to bless Him still & receive His goodness and blessing.

there’s a term we use in yoga: “palms up to receive.”

as we sit in meditation, or pause, steady in our breath, in a pose full of difficulty, we often remind ourselves or our students to simply turn our hands so our palms face up- a posture of surrender, openness, and release.

it’s a softness, a gentleness, a simplicity in the midst of spiritual tension. it’s an offering in the midst of emotional scarcity. it’s a song of sweetness in the screaming bitter season of the soul.

this is our Palm Sunday everyday.

this is our silent shout of hosanna, defiant in the chaos of a world shrieking with fear & demanding our worry and panic. Continue reading “PALMS OPEN”


with all the chaos that our lives have been over the last week, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about priorities and what it looks like to keep myself safe and healthy and well of body & spirit during these really wild and trying seasons of life.

for any preggo mamas out there, you know just how much harder it is when you’ve got a little one sending hormones surging through your body (and kicking you repeatedly) on top of whatever tough stuff you’ve got going on.

it’s especially hard not just to recognize those priorities, but also be able to enforce them with yourself and the people around you without feeling guilty. it’s difficult, though 100% necessary in order to be able to stay healthy for you, and for the health of the people who are relying on you!

make sure you have someone who will check up on YOU and be sure you are okay, making time for yourself, getting enough sleep or food, and staying healthy.

so out of this, I decided to sit down and come up with several ways to practice the all-important act of self-care. ❤ I hope you can find a few ways to show yourself some TLC!


50 ways to practice self care Continue reading “50 WAYS TO PRACTICE SELF CARE”




and with the winning combination of a long plane ride and, well, being pregnant, my hip joints are absolutely killing me. even though I spent a lot of yesterday shopping walking and re-exploring the good old southern maryland stomping grounds, my tight hips are still giving me a hard time.

so, I figure, why not share with you some of my favorite remedies for those sore and tight hips… three of my go-to yoga poses!

here are some things to keep in mind while practicing these postures:
– discomfort is okay. pain is NOT. stop if you’re feeling pain!
– make sure to stretch BOTH hips… that means doing each pose twice, once on each side
– breathe steadily throughout the duration of the pose, from entering into it, until you have completely left it
– it’s 100% normal for one side to be tighter than the other. don’t force it!

ready to feel so much better?!
let’s do this!

**DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor! always listen to your doctor. I claim no liability for any injury which occurs while practicing these poses.**

three yoga poses for tight hips


begin in a simple aligned standing position, or mountain pose. step your right foot forward into a lunge and bring your left knee to rest on the ground. make sure your right knee is stacked over the ankle. bring your hands down to the floor near the inside of the right foot. begin to stretch out you back left leg slowly, straightening it out behind you. you should feel a strong stretch in the front of your thigh/hip joint. for a deeper stretch, bring the forearms down to the ground, and lean your knee to the outside. 


Begin in simple seated position, half lotus, or full lotus. remember if you are in half or full lotus to keep your feet flexed in protection of your ankle joints. walk your hands forward and lift the tailbone. begin to press forward and down through the pelvis & up and back through the shoulders in a gentle backbend. the stretch should be felt across the front of the pelvis and through the front of the thighs and hip joints.


begin in a tabletop position (all fours) and slowly walk your knees out to the sides. maintain a straight line from shoulders to tail as you breathe into the stretch. rest your forearms on the ground and press through the pelvis to deepen. you should feel this stretch in your inner thighs and deep hip joint.

happy yoga-ing, friends!



I know I’ve been talking this up for a couple weeks now, but TONIGHT from 10:30pm until TOMORROW at 10:30am pacific time, the Untidy Grace blog will be unavailable to view because when it reopens tomorrow morning, it will look TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

that’s right. we’re doing a total facelift ’round here as a celebration of ONE WEEK until a full brand reveal.

what exactly is a full brand reveal? Continue reading “HERE’S WHAT’S UP // WHAT EXACTLY IS CHANGING FOR UNTIDY GRACE THIS MONTH”


mmmmm. this word, you guys.

for those of you who don’t practice yoga, you may be surprised at how downright biblical this word gets. 😉 if I’m being honest, at the core, that’s why I love Holy Yoga so much… the parallels in yoga to so many of the truths in Scripture are startling and eye-opening. “Namaste” is one of those.

I remember in 2011 when I went to India for a missions trip, we would often greet the native people in return with the response of “namaste” or “namaskar”. it’s a common Indian greeting which carries significant spiritual and cultural weight. it isn’t just the word either, it’s nearly always accompanied by the pressing together of one’s hands over one’s heart, and bowing forward gently.

it’s also a word and gesture that in western cultures has been contorted, or is just said by heated yoga-practicing white girls because that’s what their teacher concludes class with. (sorry.) if we’re honest, most of us (even some of us who do practice yoga) don’t know what this word means.

online Yoga Journal defines it this way: “The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us… The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.

so here’s the thing. while, as Jesus followers, we certainly don’t believe that we ourselves are divine, we do believe that we are made in the image of God, or in other words, carry the signature of the One true Divine in the very core of who we are as humanity. this is why tragedy is tragic. this is why loss of life is so terrifying. (more on that here.)


how often do we forget this? how often do we allow careless words and judgement to come between us and others, forgetting Jesus’ words that “whatever you do for them, you do for me.” (paraphrased) how often do we treat our fellow humanity like nuisances to be ignored or creatures to be judged?

how often would we do this if we truly remembered that they are Image-bearers? how often would we sin against one another if we constantly acknowledged the Divine spark, the Image of God in the faces of those we interact with?

Namaste is our reminder that we have all been created in His image, that we are all walking resemblances of our Creator, however tainted and torn it has become. Namaste is the word that brings us back to the basic belief that God so loved the world… and that we are called to do the same. Namaste is the gesture that nudges us to make ourselves low, to humble ourselves because we all bear the same image, and none of us is better than another.


So when your next class ends, and the teacher bows her gentle “Namaste”, look around you and soak in His image. look around you and walk in love towards humanity. look around you and be gentle in love and firm in truth and bold in your very soul because you bear the image of the Divine.

how to make life less sucky when you’re crazy busy

let’s just be real guys.

when we get too busy, everything becomes a blur of checklists, schedules, meetings, getting things done, disorganization, chaos, family world wars, atomic bombs… waitno. mostly just checklists and schedules. but seriously, as the speed of life picks up, I end up feeling like I’m in the middle of a race I didn’t realize was happening, and I’m all out of breath and miserable and confused. (it ain’t pretty)

and right now, with less than four weeks to pack up and move cross country, you could say I’m stressed worried nervous in a total panic. so, believe me… I need this post as much as you do. let’s take a deep breath and read on.

here are a few ways to make that out-of-breath chaos a little less sucky while you’re living it…

1.) give yourself a time-out
while generally time outs are associated with mischievous toddlers (or, you know, normal toddlers), sometimes we all need a couple minutes to simply get our bearings and take a deep breath. so set that iphone timer for 10 minutes, shut and lock the door, and just breathe for a second. pay attention to that breath in your body, and focus on just how it feels to breathe instead of letting your mind loose on all the things you have to do. I went full yogi on you with the breath. sorry not sorry. thank me later. Continue reading “how to make life less sucky when you’re crazy busy”

how to rest (a totally useless guide)

so I haven’t written much since I returned from my holy yoga training retreat, except to update you all who were so sweetly and so diligently covering me in prayer. (you are the BEST, y’all.) But here’s a little peak into the wild and holy work that went on in my soul that week… Consider that (along with the history of this blog 😉 ) your disclaimer.

you have been warned. proceed with caution.

it all started with the flight. boarding scared & doing it afraid, and being so utterly terrified that I just curled into a ball, stuck my headphones in, and listened to music about God carrying me as the plane took off. miraculously, no panic pills were involved. so great, right?!
((photo from the HOYO family facebook page- not mine))

after a whirlwind night meeting people for the first time, only to bunk with them about ten minutes later (only through Jesus, y’all), and rushing back to the airport to reconvene with the rest of the HOYO sisterhood that was arriving for retreat, and bumping along the Arizona desert for 3 hours, and moving into our cabins & going through our first flow as a group… Sunday was killer, guys.

and Monday and Tuesday were hellish. yeah. I said it. constantly moving from dawn to long after dusk on little sleep, high elevation, and surrounded by people I had never met before. (and all the introverts draw a collective gasp of horror, as the extroverts are thinking I must have intended to type heavenly). I honestly wasn’t sure I’d survive the week at that point.

and then Tuesday night hit, and I’m lying in savasana on a hard wood gym floor, only separated by a thin yoga mat, surrounded by quiet breathing and muffled sniffles, staring up at the dimmed lights and orange glow of the heaters, thinking, “what the hell have I done? I’m so utterly exhausted. I don’t understand. I thought I was called to this. but no, I’m still exhausted… just like I have been for the past year of my life. it never ends, and God you still don’t give me any sort of strength, for some reason that continues to infuriate and frustrate my ever-loving mind.”

((photo from the HOYO facebook page- not mine))

and then the touch came. soft and subtle, the hands of a kind friend massaging my scalp, pressing into my shoulders… and her voice: Continue reading “how to rest (a totally useless guide)”

Holy Yoga Instructor Training Retreat // pray for me

some of you have asked how you can be praying for me as I embark on the final leg of this journey. let me say: THANK YOU. you caring for me in that way is just overwhelming and amazing ❤

(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read all about the incredible story that lead me to my calling here.)

HOYO sdkflahdif

you know… that I’ll get on the right plane and the right time. that I’ll find the people I need to find in the places I need to find them. that I’ll be able to lift my carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment without killing myself. the basics. I leave just after 5pm Saturday the 30th. I return Mother’s Day afternoon.
**pray for the travel of the other 180+ ladies & men who will be traveling as well**

the enemy knows I’m called to this, and the fear & nerves are setting in, y’all. pray that I will be at peace in knowing I have a GOOD GOOD FATHER who has called me and prepared me for this. pray that my anxiety will not flare up.

pray that our small group (about 8) will gel really well and just be super unified. pray that we will truly feel like family. pray for the entire group, as well.

our amazing teachers will be under spiritual heavy fire, and we need to pray that they will be filled with the Spirit and overcome with His love for us students. pray that they will have patience with us, and that we will be able to understand clearly what they have outlined for us.

pray for my spiritual relationship with Jesus, and that it will grow and thrive over the coming week ❤

I am feeling ALL. THE. THINGS. terror. excitement. fear. thrill. hope. all. the. things. the emotions are a little overwhelming just in the sheer number of them and the rush as they all crash over me. it’s easy to get caught up in it all. pray that my anxiety & depression will be overcome and washed away in the presence of Jesus.


of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted

hi lovelies!

I thought we should chat today about some things that are up and coming, not just in my life, but also in the life of this little blog! 🙂

so let’s grab a cup of coffee & have a seat, shall we?

yoga and jesus

as many of you know, I’ve just begun my training to become a certified yoga instructor with holy yoga ministries. Continue reading “of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted”

the untidy grace guide to making the most of january

HAPPY 2016!!
okay okay.
I know.

I’m 11 days late.

I took an initially unintentional hiatus from the blogosphere. I say initially because I didn’t intend to stay away this long. and then I realized I needed to.

I love you all dearly, and I love writing on here and sharing all the things… from the deep places in my heart to the outrageously hysterical to the everyday practical & monotonous. I love it!

but then life happened, and it was wild (in good and bad ways), and then God spoke big truths to my heart through some beautiful humans in my life. and I realized I needed to step back and process. I needed to take a deep breath and re-evaluate why I do this. why I love this. why it matters to me. I needed a few days to just soak in His wisdom and breathe out grace over myself.

I never thought I’d be that blogger who got too obsessed with her views, who got too into figuring out how to make money, who was almost ready to sacrifice the authenticity of her blog because she was in a tight spot. and yet I became that girl. I started to lose sight of why I felt the strain on my heart to begin a blog in the first place. I started determining my worth by the numbers I found when I logged into wordpress, and I started to feel awfully sucky about myself when I didn’t feel like I measured up.

no more, guys. I’m done with being that girl. it’s back to the Moriah who loves what she writes and writes what she loves and isn’t going to post something for the sake of posting. It’s back to the girl who listens intently for God’s voice to see what HE would have her write! I’ve missed her! 😉

not to say there won’t be a whole parade of fun, practical, or real-life posts, (because there so will be!!) but they will have purpose, and they’ll adhere to the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. ❤

so… without further to do…
the untidy grace guide to making the most of january.


January starts off with high expectations & exciting promises of newness and change. but by the end of the month, so often we are feeling more like same old, same old than full of new life.

here are a few ways to make the most of the new year in January & keep on feeling that breath of new life.

  1. make a schedule… and stick to it.
    decide what time you’re going to get up, and then set your alarm and GET UP. decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast, and have it all ready to go in the morning. schedule everything… your study time, your bible time, your workout. if it’s written down, you’re much more likely to do it. when you get things done, you’ll feel productive! speaking of which…
  2. buy a planner.
    you know, to schedule everything in. 😉 make sure to get one that you can comfortably tote around in your purse or bag. take this guy everywhere. you never know who might ask you to coffee or when the office might need to schedule and unexpected appointment.
  3. take a few moments to breathe.
    I like to do this when I first wake up in the morning. sit cross legged on the edge of the bed and take some deep, energizing breaths. (4 seconds in, pause, 6 seconds out is a good place to start.) you’ll feel recharged, full of energy, and calm to face the day.
  4. pick a mantra/intention/focus for the day/week/month
    my journal (which I got for an easy $15 from target!) has a place to write a special note or focus for the year, the month, and the week. I take advantage of this!! pick a short and encouraging saying, inspirational song lyric, or part of Scripture, and use it as your “anthem” for however long you decide. repeat it to yourself to give you an extra boost of inspiration, set the tone for the day, or get you through a rough moment.
    **mine for this week comes from the good old song Amazing Grace, which we sang in church yesterday: His word, my hope secures**
  5. take care of yourself
    take that extra three minutes to slather on your favorite lotion after you get out of the shower. buy a cute water bottle to remind yourself to stay hydrated. learn to use essential oils to help your body heal naturally. take five when you need to.
  6. get in the Word.
    schedule that time with Jesus. every. single. day. no exceptions. you will not regret this.
  7. dedicate time to your dearest relationships.
    make time for the people who mean the most to you. even if it’s just a quick coffee date. they matter. create the time to show them that in ways that matter to them. hold onto the people that are important by being intentional about loving and doing life with them.
  8. learn something new
    whether it’s picking up yoga or trying a new recipe, try a new thing. make progress. add to the rich and beautiful tapestry that is who you are!