meal prep monday

hello lovelies!

I know I haven’t been very good about posting this past week 😦

I’m hoping to change that this week, and I’m kicking it off with this late (blurg) meal prep monday post (on a tuesday). yesterday, J wasn’t feeling well, and so I spent the day cuddling and fetching chicken noodle soup, instead of going grocery shopping. worth it. 😉

if you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen some of our tasty meals this past week… if you don’t, just check out the sidebar over there ——–> and visit me! 🙂 (don’t forget to click follow!)

here’s what we’re having this week… I’m really trying to let our menu be really influenced by the autumn season!! 🙂

shepherd’s pie (never got around to making it last week… oops!)
angry orchard pork chops with caramelized onions & apples
autumn pizzas on mini flatbreads (barbecue sauce, mozarella, caramelized onions, & chopped chicken…yum!!)
rosemary pork chops with roasted sweet potatoes
creamy chicken and rice soup with pumpkin cornbread muffins
chicken taco potatoes and tortilla chips

AND OH MY LANTA LOOK AT THESE PURPLE SWEET POTATOES!!! decided to grab one today while at the organic market, and I was just BLOWN. AWAY. by how gorgeous they are!! I can’t wait to try them, but… to be honest… I’m pretty sure I would eat them even if they taste gross because they’re so darn LOVELY! 🙂 

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100 cheap dates for married people (that are actually super fun)

we all know date nights are important. we also all know it can be tough to think of something that’s both fun and inexpensive when date night makes it’s weekly appearance!!

I mean, I’m not made of cash, and I’ve never run into any trees growing money, either, so in our house, date nights don’t have much room to splurge (we save that for anniversaries & birthdays & important holidays!!). and if you’re anything like J and I, you have a similar experience 🙂

but! that doesn’t mean that quality time, fun, romance, or adventure have to be sacrificed under the claim of pinching pennies! you really, truly can still have an awesome time together on a (teeny tiny) budget.

I’ve scoured pinterest, recalled J’s & mine favorite times together, and brainstormed like crazy to bring you the master list of all cheap date night ideas. and I think it’s pretty spectacular (if I do say so myself) 😉

so grab your hubby, some coffee, and a pen & paper, and write down your faves from below to try out together!! (hey, there’s your first date right there!) 😀 have FUN!

100 dates

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#lovetheinbetween // 3 tips on vacationing with in-laws

hey lovies 🙂

I hope you’re still popping in, even though I’m on vacay… I’m doing my best to keep popping in 😉

I thought I’d give y’all an update on the vacation, plus share a few thoughts on vacationing with in-laws!
love the in between vacation

whether it’s your first time vacationing with your hubby / wifey’s family, or your tenth…
whether you love them, don’t really know them, or have a tough time dealing with them…
whether you’ve been married for less than a year or for a few handfuls of years…

I’ve got three thoughts for you that have helped me have an AMAZING time over the past few days in myrtle beach! 🙂

just because someone does something differently, doesn’t mean that the way they’re doing it is wrong! to you, it may be strange, unnerving, disconcerting, or unconventional, but to them it’s the norm. that doesn’t mean that they don’t do anything wrong; it simply means you need to stop assuming that different=wrong! (if something’s happening that you feel is wrong, that means EXTRA grace and EXTRA of tips #2 + #3) 🙂
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orange you glad? // a sixth monthaversary

orange you glad? // a sixth monthaversary

I love milestones.

I believe in birthday weekends and Christmas week and throwing parties for no good reason.

I love celebrations!!

it just so happens that my sweetie and I are today celebrating SIX MONTHS OF MARRIED BLISS ❤

that’s right!

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the struggle of the never-ending honeymoon packing list: what’s on mine

Ah, the honeymoon. The much-anticipated, over-glamorized, once-in-a-lifetime vacation.
A plan-aholic’s delight and nightmare.  (five bikinis should do… or do I need a sixth?)

J and I will be headed to the beach for 8 days of sun, sand, and other s-words. 😉 I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our marriage than some sweet, much-craved alone time. With both of us being major introverted home-bodies to begin with (and especially after the whirlwind of forced socialization called a wedding reception), I can only predict that our greatest adventures and furthest explorations will occur in the bedroom- not on roller coasters, rock climbing, or surfing lessons. Because of that, so many of the “ultimate honeymoon packing list” pins I found, simply didn’t fit our taste, or worse, didn’t take into consideration the comfort or safety necessary in bedroom activities, and I was compelled to start from scratch in creating the list-maker’s mother load of beach honeymoon packing lists.

As I began creating my packing list, and of course scouring the all-wise Pinterest for any last thing I may be leaving out, it finally came down to these items, broken down for you by category:

**please keep in mind that we are not going out of country, so items such as passports are not included in my list**

crop tops (3)
tanks or tees (5)
shorts (3)
skinny denim (1)
sundress (2)
short skirt (1)
maxi dress or skirt (1)
undies (10)
lace bandeaus (2)
everyday bras (3)
leggings (1)
sleep sets/jammies (3 sets)

sunglasses (1)
necklaces- like this one I’m dreaming of from Sevenly (2-3)
sandals (1)
flats (1)
large weekender bag (1)
small bag/clutch (1)

phone charger- wishing for this cutie (1)
extra camera battery (1)
Advil (2 mini sets)
spare glasses
*keeping all these things in my small bag that I’ll carry everywhere*
wallet- with my ID, payment card,… and some of that wedding cash!
room key for the hotel
car key
copy of the wedding license
list of things we want to see/do/places to eat

beach necessities
wotnot organic sunblock (1)
aloe cream/gel- juuust in case (1)
sunhat (1)
bikinis- black, white, color (3)
beach towel- bonus if it’s double-wide for beach cuddles (1-2)

for fun
card game, or another game like this or this, or this, for you nerdier honeymooners [like us!!] (2-3)
knockknock note pad– Why I should have sex with you & why I really really really like you (2)
camera (1-2)
hard lemonade/champagne/black & milds
this speaker to play our music on the beach!

basic coverup (1)
basic foundation (1)
cheek highlighter (1)
kissaholic lipgloss (1-2)

bedroom fun
book of my boudoir photographs
lingerie sets- black, white, blue, pink, purple (4-5)
Good Clean Love organic lubricant– I’m loving the sound of the vanilla cinnamon! (1)
Shea Moisture all natural coconut & hibiscus massage oil (1)
Kama Sutra caramel lover’s body paint (1)
Bubble bath or bath salts (1)

There you have it! My own personal beach honeymoon packing list. Tell me what you think! Is there something you’d take that I’ve left out?