nibbles + scribbles / DIY activity book for your favorite person

I love DIY’s, you guys. I really, truly do.
and I love them even more when I’m making them for my friends and family… or my favoritest person of all- my super awesome hubby! ❤

on our anniversary this year, we discovered a pretty great DIY.
because of our shortage of funds, I threw together a cute little book of our relationship. and instead of just filling it with sappy sweetness (which totally had its place in there!) I also added some fun activities for J to do and participate in with me.

and it was SO FUN. J loved it so much, he decided it needed to be a thing we make for each other often!



but the good part is, it doesn’t just have to be for a significant other. this would make a fun (and nearly free!) gift for a child or a friend. it’s something you can make together, or for one another. other possibilities:

-activity books for long road trips
-keeping kids’ brains active even when they’re not in school
-birthday gift
-anniversary gift
-fun craft to make together
-scavenger hunt kit
-birthday favors

the ideas truly are endless!

this post will walk you through a few super simple ideas (complete with links to bunches of free printables!!) to help you make the easiest, most customize-able DIY ever.
excited yet?

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