I’ve got some truth bombs about your true identity to drop today. and I’ll be honest… they’re the truths carrying me through some serious mess & trial right now. because, that’s what truth does. it carries us through the bondage into freedom.

here’s the thing: you are a beautiful home.

you’re a precious, precious thing because of the things you house within your bones. because of the Truth that has made its home in your skin. because of the goodness you’ve been given to bear in the thumping thing behind your ribcage.

see, in the Scripture of 1 Peter, there’s a glorious reality that’s spoken: the truths that live in you, the gospel of grace that was prophesied over you and belongs to you, are the mysteries that angels gaze at in longing.


how awe-inspiring that YOUR body… yes, this one which you mock and disrespect and struggle endlessly to love… is a carrying case for the weighty power of the Divine.

how humbling that YOU are housing the mysteries of the ages and your forever- ageless soul under the skin and between the bones of you?

how marvelous that each step that you take, wherever you choose to walk becomes holy ground because of the constant, reminding vibrations of the Spirit within you.

you are a house of mystery, my friend, and whatever the battering storms that wreak havoc on the outward structure… the inward spirit, the still small voice, the holy home that you are cannot be touched.

I’m just sitting with this and allowing the truth of this soothing tide to wash over my soul and bathe me in peace.
I need it right now, with all those battering storms waging war on my outward life.
I need it when I find myself drifting aimlessly and wondering where the direction is that I thought I had.
I need it when I forget who I am.

make this your mantra: I am a house of mystery, and the holiest of holy homes.

have you forgotten who you are, sweet soul?
be reminded.
be filled with the Spirit.
be who you already are.


hey babes!

how’s your heart? did you know that May is the Mental Health Awareness Month? of course, this holds a very special space in my heart. as someone who has battled anxiety disorders, phobias, and depression for nearly her whole life, caring for my mental health & making others aware of the reality of mental illness, is super important to me.

so, in celebration of this month, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts & ideas for caring for your own mental health.

because, honestly, your mental health is the MOST important- it affects every other type of health… physical, emotional, and spiritual.

so, loves, here are some ideas for taking care of yourself and silencing the shame surrounding mental illness. Continue reading “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF (70+ IDEAS)”


I. love. birthdays.

I love them so much, you guys.

I love everything they symbolize, I love spending time with my family & friends, and (of course!) I love the cake. 😉 but more than that, I love getting to use my birthday as a time to really set aside for the refreshment of my soul & a celebration of all the heart work that has taken place in me. because, friends, no matter how hard or frustrating or exhausting this year of your life has been… that is so worth celebrating.

I like to take the time to reflect on the year, release any burdens, and refresh my spirit going into the next year of my life.

so, here are a few of my own personal birthday traditions that I do every year, or have decided to do from here on out, and I think you might want to start them, too!




I know it isn’t quite february yet, but here’s your personal preparation 😉

self care goodness, intentional acts of kindness, valuing what’s really important, and eating discount chocolate… that’s what should really be happening on valentine’s, am I right?!

even as a married gal, I tend to get valentine’s overwhelm by the amount of romance I’m supposedly supposed to be generating for myself and my man. let’s keep it sweet & simple this year, with an epic countdown that doesn’t care if you’re married, blissfully engaged, new to a relationship, or cuddling with your ten kittens. 😀

so, for the love of all that’s sane & lovely… let’s rock this v-day with tons of generosity, kindness, and actions that make the world a better place.

for the love....png

DAY 1 : buy coffee for the person behind you at starbucks.

DAY 2: treat yourself to some simple self-care (like painting your nails or taking a bubble bath).

DAY 3: don’t say anything negative on social media- only be encouraging.

DAY 4: take a friend out to lunch.

DAY 5: send your mom, sister, friend, or spouse a bouquet of flowers.

DAY 6: go out for your favorite dinner, and give the waitress or waiter a really awesome tip.

DAY 7: write small, encouraging or kind words on strips of pink & red paper, and leave them in public places for strangers to find ❤

DAY 8: make a mini poster of all your favorite verses & quotes about love on a piece of computer or construction paper.

DAY 9: buy your favorite valentine’s candy and share with a friend or SO… or keep it to yourself 😉

DAY 10: watch a cheesy chick flick & play this themed bingo game. add wine and cheese because yum.

DAY 11: meditate on the so not passive nature of Jesus-love. then go share the love!

DAY 12: throw a Galentine’s Day party for all your girls.

DAY 13: mail a hand-written letter to a friend or loved one.

DAY 14: treat yourself to your favorite coffee, wear your favorite outfit, and make a point to love each and every person you come into contact with today… including yourself. ❤

happy valentine’s, lovelies!!

much, much love


with all the chaos that our lives have been over the last week, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about priorities and what it looks like to keep myself safe and healthy and well of body & spirit during these really wild and trying seasons of life.

for any preggo mamas out there, you know just how much harder it is when you’ve got a little one sending hormones surging through your body (and kicking you repeatedly) on top of whatever tough stuff you’ve got going on.

it’s especially hard not just to recognize those priorities, but also be able to enforce them with yourself and the people around you without feeling guilty. it’s difficult, though 100% necessary in order to be able to stay healthy for you, and for the health of the people who are relying on you!

make sure you have someone who will check up on YOU and be sure you are okay, making time for yourself, getting enough sleep or food, and staying healthy.

so out of this, I decided to sit down and come up with several ways to practice the all-important act of self-care. ❤ I hope you can find a few ways to show yourself some TLC!


50 ways to practice self care Continue reading “50 WAYS TO PRACTICE SELF CARE”

Softening your inner voice // how to be kind & firm with your heart

Well, guys, I’ll be honest with you. Today is not me at my personal best.

I mean, I guess that getting less than three hours of sleep (I love you little girl, but the insomnia you give me is a different story…) will do that to a person. I haven’t showered, I ran out of makeup halfway through doing my face, I’ve snapped at my husband twice this morning (sorry Sweetheart! I love you!), *almost* lost control of my breath and spiraled over things outside of my control, my toe is all bruised from running into a chair leg, and I’m decently sure that my hair is about 97% dry shampoo at this point.

Any ladies been there? Yup, raise that hand WAY up there.

It’s days like these where my guard is down, my heart is vulnerable, and my stance shaky. It’s these moments where it’s easy to go “oh, real genius move Moriah. What an idiot.” every time I screw up (which is a lot of times, by the way). It’s easy to lose my voice and replace it with this judgemental, mean, nasty one that feels like an uninvited, far too intimate, stranger- constantly condemning me… And others.

It’s days like these where it’s hard to say “No! Enough! I’m not going back to that bondage!” It’s hard to fight back when you’re already worn down. And yet, wonderfully and beautifully and the hardest thing of all… It’s days like these where we HAVE to fight back.

These are the important moments. The defining ones. These are the breaths that decide if you will choose to carry on and continue to bravely become, or if you’ll shrink back, allow your voice to be stolen, become a victim of your own subconscious.

Fight, sweet friend!

But how?

Glad you asked 🙂

Softening your inner voice

1.) be kind with yourself. You can’t fight fire with fire. You can’t fight the thing trying to convince you you’re less than if you stoop to being less than to combat it. Be kind with yourself, for heaven’s sake. Give a little grace- a little praise when you find a small victory, a little gentleness when you stumble. The becoming takes time.

2.) be firm with yourself. Don’t make excuses for backing down. Do not surrender your voice without a fight. Do not allow the precious territory of your heart to be plundered. Be kind always, but be firm as well. To yourself in the battle, and to others who invite you to participate in the things you’ve fought so hard to be free from.

Be a little softer. Be a little kinder. Stand firm.

I’m with you today.

seasons of building


pull up a chair, friend. pull up a chair, and grab that cup of coffee. yeah, the mugs are in the cabinet beside the sink. there you go. coffee is in the corner… yeah, there you go. cream and sugar beside it. oh hell, grab the whole pot and bring it over- you’ll want a refill; we’ll be here a while. because there’s some crazy kind of changing going on over here.

have you ever had a season where the foundations of the things you’ve built start to crack and crumble, and doors that you thought to be wide open get slammed right in your face as you try to walk through them… leaving you startled and a little bit stung? have you ever had to face the fact that the way you thought you were called to something, isn’t the way you’re supposed to live out that calling? it sucks, y’all.

and in the wake of all the doors being slammed and all the confusion and all the crazy-what-now? I’m forced to turn away and look out across this huge plane of possibility. Possibility where God says “okay, I’m leading you out into the wild, the rich and full unknown, into the places you didn’t think you were capable of going, the journeys you didn’t think you were capable of walking.” and I’m over here like “HUH? this makes no sense. what you called me to is over there, behind that door that my face just got smacked with.”


no. no it isn’t.

here’s the thing- my calling is everywhere. it’s in every situation and person I meet, and it takes the shape of something different than I assumed (assuming things is dangerous when it comes to Jesus, y’all.)

because my calling is myself. let me explain. my calling is knit into who I am. it will always be there. I can’t lose it or misplace it among the other thousand things that catch my attention or wound me. I can’t forget it somewhere or somehow miss it. it’s right there, waiting to be utilized in the way I speak, the way I love, the way I reach out and respond. and so the way it looks is wherever I am and whoever I am now. the way it shows itself is how it needs to in each moment to be used and given to the world.

and so I am in this space of sweet, sweet commune with Jesus (and, let’s be real, some pretty intense impatience) where I get to say “so where am I? who am I? how does this look for me? how should this calling grow with me? how should I speak it and live it? how do I put this out into the world in a way that is who I am and who You are?”

and what’s better? the calling is all about rebuilding. it’s all about making new and making space for healing.

and as I explore this new place inside me that Jesus is rebuilding and making new and healing… there are going to be changes all over the place. my career is becoming, just as I am. this blog will change, too, probably, and there will be wild and new things being breathed to life in my journey as I start to sit and meditate in this new space.

so that’s what I’m doing now, friends.

I’m sitting and breathing and waiting and writing and choosing to believe that my smallness is no issue for a BIG BIG GOD who is, Himself, Divine Love. I’m working and digging deeper into Scripture and finding mentors and asking ALL the questions. I’m letting myself be renewed even when it’s frustrating, and be rebuilt even when it’s hard. I’m making these great big strides and then pausing for a while to celebrate the progress and contemplate the future. I’m being gentle but honest with myself. I’m practicing ALL the self care because beginning again makes us humans fragile.

it’s going to be new and scary, and I need you all to get behind me and back me up and pray for me in all this change.

and, if you feel so compelled, stop by for another cup of coffee ❤

10 ways to embrace the homesickness

I’m homesick.

and by that I mean… like, killer homesick of doom. that’s not even proper grammar. I don’t even care. but really, guys, it’s no joke. and the thing about homesickness is… you can’t fight it. it doesn’t work. it will only come back with a vengeance and leave you crying into your popcorn during a FRIENDS marathon. (no, that’s never happened to me, why do you ask…?)

the only way to get through it, is well, to go THROUGH it. which sucks, sure, but embracing the homesickness and owning it for what it is, is much better than trying to power through and continue to get beaten down.


so, for what it’s worth, 10 ways to embrace the homesickness. Continue reading “10 ways to embrace the homesickness”

The art of courageous compliments 

I got my hair cut about a week ago, and it looks pretty cool (if I do say so myself). I chopped a good several inches to transform it into a super-short pixie style, so, naturally, it’s something that people notice.  

I mean, it’s pretty obvious!

But here’s another thing I noticed. The way I’m complimented on my haircut by men is drastically worlds different from the way I’ve been complicated by my lady friends & other gals I run into. 


Guy: “wow, your hair looks really cool!” Or “hey, that’s new. Looks good!”

But when the ladies compliment me, they tack something onto the end of their statement…

Girl: “Ah! I love your hair! …….I could never pull that off with my weird face shape.” Or “that is so cute! ……but you’re so petite, it would look terrible on a giant like me!”

Notice anything different about the two approaches?

Yeah… The ladies always feel the need to include a disclaimer of sorts. They always put themselves down to lift you up.

Here’s something I don’t think we realize… The two are totally separate. The fact that someone else is beautiful doesn’t mean you AREN’T. Your recognition of another woman’s grace or character or physical attractiveness doesn’t automatically call for the elimination of your own.

Your beauty is not dependent on the relative beauty of the women in your life.

Your light is not diminished by the brightness of the lights of others.

Your spirit, your heart, your self is not waiting for those around you to be less beautiful or less passionate or less outgoing or less anything at all in order to be validated. 

Can we stop with the negative commentary which we use to bookend the compliments we hand out?  

Here are 3 reasons why we need to:

1. It cultivates a culture of comparison 

We already live in a comparison based culture. We compare ourselves to EVERYONE. Why foster that kind of thinking in our close circles as well? Let’s embrace the safety of allowing ourselves to be who we are in all our grace-given humanity, without any strings attached.

2. It makes the person being complimented feel uncomfortable

This puts the lady being complimented in an awkward position. A simple “thank you” feels like you’re validating the negative comment as well, and a reciprocated assurance of beauty often turns into an unintentional comparison match of “who’s uglier?

3. It reinforces the idea that who you are is dependent on how you compare to others

This is so not true! You are made in the image of God himself! The beauty of the Most High is placed in every fiber of your being. You are a beautiful soul, slowly being conformed into the image of His son. That is so not dependent on anyone or anything else 🙂 

Go and courageously compliment without apology or comparison!

the untidy grace guide to making the most of january

HAPPY 2016!!
okay okay.
I know.

I’m 11 days late.

I took an initially unintentional hiatus from the blogosphere. I say initially because I didn’t intend to stay away this long. and then I realized I needed to.

I love you all dearly, and I love writing on here and sharing all the things… from the deep places in my heart to the outrageously hysterical to the everyday practical & monotonous. I love it!

but then life happened, and it was wild (in good and bad ways), and then God spoke big truths to my heart through some beautiful humans in my life. and I realized I needed to step back and process. I needed to take a deep breath and re-evaluate why I do this. why I love this. why it matters to me. I needed a few days to just soak in His wisdom and breathe out grace over myself.

I never thought I’d be that blogger who got too obsessed with her views, who got too into figuring out how to make money, who was almost ready to sacrifice the authenticity of her blog because she was in a tight spot. and yet I became that girl. I started to lose sight of why I felt the strain on my heart to begin a blog in the first place. I started determining my worth by the numbers I found when I logged into wordpress, and I started to feel awfully sucky about myself when I didn’t feel like I measured up.

no more, guys. I’m done with being that girl. it’s back to the Moriah who loves what she writes and writes what she loves and isn’t going to post something for the sake of posting. It’s back to the girl who listens intently for God’s voice to see what HE would have her write! I’ve missed her! 😉

not to say there won’t be a whole parade of fun, practical, or real-life posts, (because there so will be!!) but they will have purpose, and they’ll adhere to the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. ❤

so… without further to do…
the untidy grace guide to making the most of january.


January starts off with high expectations & exciting promises of newness and change. but by the end of the month, so often we are feeling more like same old, same old than full of new life.

here are a few ways to make the most of the new year in January & keep on feeling that breath of new life.

  1. make a schedule… and stick to it.
    decide what time you’re going to get up, and then set your alarm and GET UP. decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast, and have it all ready to go in the morning. schedule everything… your study time, your bible time, your workout. if it’s written down, you’re much more likely to do it. when you get things done, you’ll feel productive! speaking of which…
  2. buy a planner.
    you know, to schedule everything in. 😉 make sure to get one that you can comfortably tote around in your purse or bag. take this guy everywhere. you never know who might ask you to coffee or when the office might need to schedule and unexpected appointment.
  3. take a few moments to breathe.
    I like to do this when I first wake up in the morning. sit cross legged on the edge of the bed and take some deep, energizing breaths. (4 seconds in, pause, 6 seconds out is a good place to start.) you’ll feel recharged, full of energy, and calm to face the day.
  4. pick a mantra/intention/focus for the day/week/month
    my journal (which I got for an easy $15 from target!) has a place to write a special note or focus for the year, the month, and the week. I take advantage of this!! pick a short and encouraging saying, inspirational song lyric, or part of Scripture, and use it as your “anthem” for however long you decide. repeat it to yourself to give you an extra boost of inspiration, set the tone for the day, or get you through a rough moment.
    **mine for this week comes from the good old song Amazing Grace, which we sang in church yesterday: His word, my hope secures**
  5. take care of yourself
    take that extra three minutes to slather on your favorite lotion after you get out of the shower. buy a cute water bottle to remind yourself to stay hydrated. learn to use essential oils to help your body heal naturally. take five when you need to.
  6. get in the Word.
    schedule that time with Jesus. every. single. day. no exceptions. you will not regret this.
  7. dedicate time to your dearest relationships.
    make time for the people who mean the most to you. even if it’s just a quick coffee date. they matter. create the time to show them that in ways that matter to them. hold onto the people that are important by being intentional about loving and doing life with them.
  8. learn something new
    whether it’s picking up yoga or trying a new recipe, try a new thing. make progress. add to the rich and beautiful tapestry that is who you are!