there are spaces in the human journey that are stinging & solemn & sacred.

they are full of angst and anger and ache.

they are overflowing with suffering. undoing. just surviving.

these spaces are valley. desert. wilderness.

in the valley we feel trapped.
in the desert we feel exhausted.
in the wilderness we feel lost.

sometimes… you’re in all three.

if you haven’t had the terrifying privilege of journeying through these strange and foreign wild places, you will soon enough. these places are sacred because they are the part of the human experience where a veil is cut open & we so often most deeply and profoundly experience Divine encounters with shalom.

and yet… they are the places of doubt, and of wandering, and of feeling lost, and of the deep, deep starless night of the soul.

this is the mystery.


I have a lot of questions lately. the valley & desert & wilderness are full of them, after all. and I’m beginning more and more to realize that this is simply the way of things. that questions are part of the fabric of life, and that by ignoring them or running from them is the way that we run from and ignore life.

and we don’t run from life. we can’t.

we chase after it.

I’ll be holding space & treading deeper into the wild country that is this discussion in the next few blog posts… but for now, hear this:

your questions are valid.
they are good.
they matter.
they are worthwhile to ask.

sit with your questions. look at them, be calm, and hold conference with them. allow them to be, to exist, to stare quietly back at you… until you find your answer. then, and only then, release them.

I can’t wait to chat about the valley… how to know if you’re in one, and how to flourish until you reach the mountaintop ❤

Creating a Vision Board // Part One

Have you seen these “vision boards” all over Pinterest?

with the intention of helping you to create a clear and driving vision for your personal relationships, career, or other vein of your life, vision boards have become quite popular among creative types, entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone looking to start fresh, determine their next direction, or start something new.

and vision boards can be AMAZING.

but they’re not worth much if you don’t know where to start.

so I’ve compiled a list of several questions- most written myself, some inspired by other blogs or self-evaluating questions- to ask yourself BEFORE creating a vision board. the purpose of these questions is to let you get to know yourself a little more in order to be more clear in creating a vision that is accurate for you personally.

here’s the important thing to remember- take your time & take it seriously. don’t answer too quickly, or give cop-out answers because you’re too afraid to dig deeper. soul-searching can be scary, yes, but so worth it!!

the questions are broken down into categories to make things a little easier and less tedious. so grab a journal and start jotting down your answers!

I suggest setting a timer (just pull out your smartphone!)  for at least 2 minutes per question. or you could do what I did and just write until you can’t think of anything else for each question- no overthinking, lots of getting your thoughts on paper. you’ll get a chance to look over them during the last section of questions!!

Happy soul-searching 😉


Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating a Vision Board Continue reading “Creating a Vision Board // Part One”

of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted

hi lovelies!

I thought we should chat today about some things that are up and coming, not just in my life, but also in the life of this little blog! 🙂

so let’s grab a cup of coffee & have a seat, shall we?

yoga and jesus

as many of you know, I’ve just begun my training to become a certified yoga instructor with holy yoga ministries. Continue reading “of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted”