your perfect christmas gift guide // the INTROVERT

it’s TIME! 🙂

the great untidy grace Perfect Christmas Gift Guide series has begun!!! I’ve been waiting to introduce this to you all for literally months now, and, oh boy, are we kicking things off with a bang!

this first gift guide is for your friend who would rather spend her time one on one in a coffee shop with you, than with your twelve-person friend group. that friend who loves nothing more than a night in with a good book. ah, yes: all hail the mystery of the introvert 😉 (I’m one of them, y’all!)introvert gift guide

seriously, your introverted friend will LOVE one or more of this cute bunch of goodies that play to her little heart’s desires for alone-time. 🙂 after all, don’t we all love it when someone knows us well enough to appeal to those little joys we have? ❤

1.) elephant pants
these crazy-cute stretchy pants are just $18 (won’t break the bank!!) and come in dozens of different colors & patterns so you can find just the right pair for your introvert! 😉 plus, they’re perfect for lounging around with a good book… or netflix. and $2 from every pair goes to helping save those majestic, yet endangered, species. grab yours hereContinue reading “your perfect christmas gift guide // the INTROVERT”