I’ve got some truth bombs about your true identity to drop today. and I’ll be honest… they’re the truths carrying me through some serious mess & trial right now. because, that’s what truth does. it carries us through the bondage into freedom.

here’s the thing: you are a beautiful home.

you’re a precious, precious thing because of the things you house within your bones. because of the Truth that has made its home in your skin. because of the goodness you’ve been given to bear in the thumping thing behind your ribcage.

see, in the Scripture of 1 Peter, there’s a glorious reality that’s spoken: the truths that live in you, the gospel of grace that was prophesied over you and belongs to you, are the mysteries that angels gaze at in longing.


how awe-inspiring that YOUR body… yes, this one which you mock and disrespect and struggle endlessly to love… is a carrying case for the weighty power of the Divine.

how humbling that YOU are housing the mysteries of the ages and your forever- ageless soul under the skin and between the bones of you?

how marvelous that each step that you take, wherever you choose to walk becomes holy ground because of the constant, reminding vibrations of the Spirit within you.

you are a house of mystery, my friend, and whatever the battering storms that wreak havoc on the outward structure… the inward spirit, the still small voice, the holy home that you are cannot be touched.

I’m just sitting with this and allowing the truth of this soothing tide to wash over my soul and bathe me in peace.
I need it right now, with all those battering storms waging war on my outward life.
I need it when I find myself drifting aimlessly and wondering where the direction is that I thought I had.
I need it when I forget who I am.

make this your mantra: I am a house of mystery, and the holiest of holy homes.

have you forgotten who you are, sweet soul?
be reminded.
be filled with the Spirit.
be who you already are.


I was listening to a song in the car today.

I was making my way to my favorite local coffee shop to do some work and was just trying to think and pray for a bit of inspiration to fall out of the sky. I have so much going on in my head, so many things to do, that my inspired self had kind of been taken over by to do lists and requirements. who else has totally been there?

but as I was listening to this song and allowing the beauty of the words and melody to sweep over me, I was moved. nearly to tears, but thoroughly to inspiration.

how often do we let the beauty of it all become the background noise?

how often are we okay with drifting because feeling is just too hard when there are so many aches in our souls?

how often do we allow ourselves to shut down and just make it through the day instead of bravely feeling all that the world has to offer… the good AND the bad?

how hard is it to be shaken from our rigidness and simplyย be moved?
be changed?
be loved?

be beloved.


because that is what you are called, beauties.

you are beloved.ย 
so be. loved.ย 
and be. love.

but first… be moved.
let the movement show you just how loved you are. just how worthy you are made. just how full of the Divine you are.
just how capable you are of moving others to know these. same. truths.

don’t allow fear to box up your heart and hide it away from feeling. that’s where the apathy sets in. don’t allow the past wounds and hurts to callous over your heart and make you numb. that’s where the bitterness sets in.

keep feeling. keep being moved. keep soaking up the joy.

be moved today.

sensitive hearts… you’re the strongest kind

dear sensitive heart,

I’m with you.

I understand.

Really, truly, from the depths of my soul, I do.

I’ve grown slow into this skin, afraid to stretch it out, to test the boundaries of the sensitivity of my soul which others, even those close to me, labeled as fragilebreakableweak… I always loathed that word: fragile. Hated it. Avoided it like a disease and cringed when it slapped against my ears. Probably because it was most often used to brush me off, belittle my pain, excuse a careless remark.

I’ve fought the seemingly endless fight to be taken seriously, to have my words carry in the ears of their hearers the weight my heart often does. I’ve carried the frustration of being repeatedly snubbed, patted on the shoulder, smiled at condescendingly.

My thoughts matter!” I’ve wanted to scream, “My words are important!” But exasperated attempts at interjection don’t end well for the sensitive heart.

Our world of feminists and bulldozers and doers and type-A’s claim we’re not worth all that much. “What are you worth if you don’t take charge and plow through anything standing in your way? Don’t you have drive?

Even our churches have hopped on the bandwagon and confined us to nursery duty. Sometimes they like to pull us out at a particularly emotionally-hyped event or when they want a tearful testimony (because, naturally, our tears are the first to fall), but when it comes time for votes and major decisions we are, once again, scooted to the bleachers and encouraged to cheer on the stronger, wiser people. Continue reading “sensitive hearts… you’re the strongest kind”

Monday Pep Talk // how to journal like a pro, in 5 easy steps

Hi sweet readers!!

And a very crappy, er, um, happy Monday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last Monday we had a chat about how being healthy and feeling good makes a world of difference in how your week goes, and a simple way to improve your health is to drink more water. how did you do with your water intake last week?! (Check out last Monday’s post here). I’m doing far better than I was before, even if I’m not hitting the 9-cup mark every day.

This week I thought it might be nice to take a quick break from physical health and focus on emotional health ๐Ÿ™‚

An easy and fun way to keep up with the flow of thoughts and feelings in your brain is to JOURNAL. Some people are scared of that word. (I hope you’re not one of them!!) but even if you are, I am determined to teach you to love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Often, the reason people are scared of journaling is because they’re picturing pages and pages of well-worded intimate thoughts in perfect, Jane-Austin-esque handwriting. If that’s your thing, go you! If not, don’t worry! You can journal your own unique way!

In fact, lucky for you, I’ve come up with a five-step process to help you learn how to do just that! You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading “Monday Pep Talk // how to journal like a pro, in 5 easy steps”