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it’s been a while since I gave you all a freebie, and in the spirit of Christmas being less than two weeks away (okay, but really, how did that even happen?!) I thought this would be the perfect time to share these ultra-adorable printable Christmas gift tags.


I might be biased, but I can’t handle the cuteness, y’all. real talk: I totally giggled the whole time I was making them! 🙂


from the most sentimental ELF movie reference, to a sarcastic remark for that one person you always struggle to buy for, to a simple “merry Christmas!”, I think you’ll find that there’s a little something fun in these tags to label everyone’s gift!

this one is totally going on my husband’s gift:


it’s about that time again! 🙂

for the past two years I’ve been sharing with you all what I’m putting in my man’s Christmas stocking, and so far, each year you’ve loved it (and kept it a secret- thanks for that! 😉 ). it’s become a bit of a yearly tradition here on the blog, and it’s one I really look forward to!

if you’re interested in what I’ve put in his stocking in the past…
here is 2014’s stocking list
here is 2015’s stocking list

stocking stuffers2016.jpg




if you’ve been following Untidy Grace on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been preparing for this fantastic Christmas Box reveal for a while now. it’s something I’m incredibly excited for because this is a super fun gift that combines some of my absolute favorite things in the world, and something I’d love to discover under my tree on Christmas morning!!

and here it is!

I’m sure you have bunches of questions… thankfully, I’ve pretty much thought of everything you could be wondering, and answered them all in advance! yup. you’re super welcome. 🙂

what even is a Christmas Box?
the Untidy Grace Christmas Box is the perfect gift that’s all-in-one… which means you don’t need to do a thing except place your order, and that person is checked off your Christmas list! I do all the work, and you get all the credit. because I love you. that’s right. ❤

christmas box.jpg

who should I buy a Christmas Box for?
for any gal who is on the journey of becoming, who loves to go deep in the Word, who just loves pretty hand-lettered goodies, whose fave activity is long talks over coffee, who follows this blog, who needs some encouragement, who loves to shop small, who is passionate about learning to care for herself, or who loves to wear her heart on her sleeve. really, any girl who is pursuing greater depth of self-understanding would love to unwrap these goodies! 😉

ultimate gift guide // sisters in law

I’ve already given you bunches of ideas of what to get for a variety of people in your life this Christmas. (check out all the goodness here!!) and now I’m giving you yet another ultimate gift guide… this time for your sisters in law.

okay you guys.

I have THREE sisters in law.

three!! and I love them dearly! but sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what to get for each of the ladies in your life when the list of them grows long, long, long.

no worries 🙂

here’s my ultimate list of what you should be sticking under the tree for your sweet, in-law gals this year… they’re all gifts I’d love to get, and all can be found at reasonable prices to fit any budget ❤

gifts for sisters in law

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my husband’s stocking stuffers // CHRISTMAS 2015

hey there again!! 🙂

since I’ve been sharing so many ideas with you for gifts & stockings stuffers for the men in your life, I figured… why not share with you exactly what I’ve purchased for my own hubby? after much thought, I am posting his stocking stuffer list here 😉

shhh…. don’t tell him what he’s getting (he’s promised not to peek!)!! 🙂

and you can tell me when you’ve finished reading, if this should be a yearly post 😉

(and yes, as you can see from below, we do wrap our stocking gifts!!)

husband stocking stuffers2015

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Chick fil A calendar card: how it works & why it’s the perfect stocking stuffer

**This post is not sponsored, and I was not compensated in any way for this post. all opinions are my own.**

ah, Chick fil A… everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant! those perfectly salty, crunchy waffle cut french fries, the somehow amazingly delicious chicken… hungry yet? 😉

while we ALL love this amazing establishment, have you ever heard of the chick fil a calendar card?

my mother has been putting one in my stocking for years, and now J & I make sure to add this awesome little goody to our stockings for one another each year!

but what IS it, exactly?
and how does it work?
how much does it cost?
and why do I need it?

glad you asked 😉

cfa calendar card A

The chick fil a calendar card comes with, well, a calendar. ha! (imagine that), but if I’m honest, I really spend that little bit of cash for the card, not the calendar (which is totally adorable & covered with photos of their signature, poor-at-spelling cows!Continue reading “Chick fil A calendar card: how it works & why it’s the perfect stocking stuffer”

your perfect Christmas gift guide // the guys


I am LOVING this series, you guys. we’ve already tackled three other groups of people when it comes to purchasing your holiday gifts, and now we’ve reached what the majority of you have called the hardest-to-shop-for group: the guys!

here are the other gift series if you’re interested:
for the aunts & mothers-in-law
for the yogi
for the introvert

guys can be TOUGH to shop for. either they’re terribly straightforward and purchase what they want on their own, or they’re tough to read, which makes it difficult to buy things they’ll actually love!

each of the things in this list I’ve compiled are items I think my own husband would love!! and the reason this list has taken me a while is because I wanted to make sure I could throw together a quality one, with items that I really am a fan of. I took my time with this, and I think it paid off!! 🙂

this list was created with brothers, husbands, and guys in their 20’s & 30’s in mind, but some of these could easily be translated to dads, I’m sure! 🙂 if you’ve got any more ideas, just let me know!!

gifts for guys2


1.) S’WELL water bottle
this super classy watter bottle not only looks like wood, it doesn’t condensate, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, and part of the proceeds go to UNICEF to help bring clean drinking water & other help to kids who need it all around the world! how awesome is that?! perfect for the guy on the go! buy yours here.

2.) simon game
this favorite game from the 90’s can be played single-player, or with up to four people. it’s a classic that any 90’s kid will have a total blast (from the past?) with! you can snag yours here, or find it on amazon!

3.) cozy socks with their favorite sports team
let their team pride keep them toasty this chilly winter season, by wrapping their toes with knit coziness that shows off their favorite sports team! find all your nfl teams at the nfl online pro shop here!!

4.) world’s okayest brother tee
if you and your bro have great rapport and a good sense of humor, he’ll love this shirt that claims how okay he is at being your brother 😉 this shirt totally made me laugh when I saw it! you can get one for your funny guy here on etsy!

5.) battlestar galactica cards
for the nerdy guy in your life, try these playing cards from one of the greatest si-fy shows of all time! there are rules included, so he can learn the actual card game they play on the show! so fun! (I got these for my hubby last year) you can find them here!

6.) assassins coffee mug
for the guy who just shouldn’t talk to people until he’s finished with his morning coffee, this hilarious coffee cup could be the perfect gift to buy this Christmas! the sassy statement “good morning, I see the assassins have failed.” greets those around him with a warning to back off until he’s done with his coffee!! you can get this bold & funny mug right here.

7.) beard care kit
this suh-weet set of beard care items (including oil, wash, and wax) is the perfect gift for the guy who has it all… including a beard! 😉 if this set (found here) is a wee bit out of your budget, you can always opt for just the beard oil alone, or make your own with any of the many recipes found on pinterest!

8.) R2D2 car charger
I LOVE this!! I know my hubby would be all. over. this. and any star wars lover would be overjoyed to find this little guy under the tree or in his stocking! with lots of noises and little movements, he so genuinely mimics everyone’s favorite little droid 🙂 plus, he charges your phone, so there’s that 😉 get him for your star wars lover here!

9.) guitar wall hooks
the musician in your life would be happy to hang his band hoodie on these wall hooks that resemble guitars! I love how realistic they are, and also how something so fun is also so practical! maybe the college guy could use these? this great little set can be found at bed bath & beyond 🙂

10.) wooden six pack holder
these handsome wooden six pack holders are great for the guy who loves to try new brews. this particular model doesn’t have a bottle opener on the side, but there are some at both Target and Home Goods that do! (and that are cheaper than this classy little handmade number found here)

I hope this little list helped you with gaining some inspiration for the guys in your life! 🙂 they may be tough to buy for, but doesn’t that make finding the perfect gift that much more satisfying in the end?

happy shopping!

your perfect Christmas gift guide // the yogi (and there’s a FREE printable!)

welcome back!
I am SO loving this new series on your perfect christmas gift guide 🙂

we’ve already tackled what to get for the introvert & your mom, aunts & mom-in-law!

this post is a little different.

do you have a friend who loves spending time on their yoga mat? 🙂 who’s always hitting up the local studio or informing you of how you’d feel better if you just balanced your chakras with a few fluid asanas? 😉

if so, then this is the gift guide for YOU!

gift guide the yogi

all of these yogi goodies are things your yogi friend is sure to love to help with their practice or keep them hydrated & healthy ❤

I’ve chosen top brands, beautiful colors, and (mostly) frugal price tags to fit any budget, for your purchasing pleasure 😉

1.) this lifefactory glass water bottle is BPA free & oh-so-darn-cute! it has a protective silicone sleeve (aka the cuteness!) in a soft blue that is calming to the eye, and a handle that makes for easy toting to and from yoga class. grab it here!

2.) a yoga mat carrier that tells the world where you feel most at home? yes, puh-lease! I’ve been eyeing this gem for months now, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will show up under MY tree this year 😉 get the “my home is where my mat is” carrier here.

3.) this lotus candle holder is a yogi dream come true! it beautifies even the barest of yogi havens and holds a tiny tea light (candlelight flow? yes!). I own this personally, and it is my favorite addition to my practice space! ❤ you can get it from your local michael’s craft store too!

4.) an incense holder is another must-have for any practice space, but it’s even better when shaped like a mudras hand! (add some incense sticks with it for the perfect gift!) grab yours here at incense-incense before they’re gone!

5.) this “be here now” print would look lovely hanging on the wall of your yogi’s practice space, wouldn’t it? well guess what…. it’s FREE to print on your own computer!!! just download it from the pretty bee blog! how can you say no to free gifts?!

6.) gaiam’s yoga blocks are the foundation (teehee) of many extended pose variations! they help us yogis to push our bodies further and see all the amazing things they can do! 🙂 this one is in a pretty green color, and you can buy it at your local target store or from!

7.) yoga paws! oh, yoga paws! I’m pretty sure I’ve reminded my hubby of how much I want these dozens of times this fall!! 😉 basically, they allow you to take your mat with you… attached to your hands and feet! comfy, sturdy, and full of grip, they come for both hands and feet, separately, or as a set. I can assure you that your yogi will be oh-so-thrilled to unwrap a pair of these this year! get them on yogapaws website!

8.) a beaded mala bracelet will pretty up any yogi’s practice and instill calm through color and stones. plus, I love the little addition of a wooden bead, engraved with a lotus on the one shown above! 🙂 this one is handmade from etsy.

9.) mandala coloring book for adults is the yogi version of the latest craft craze! adult coloring books have been filling up the stores this year, and now there’s a perfectly chill and insightful option for yogis of all ages! 🙂 in addition to pretty much every book store selling countless similar items, barnes and noble sells this particular copy.

your yogi friend will adore your thoughtful consideration of their lifestyle & favorite activity, and perhaps you’ll even get a free practice sesh out of it all 😉

happy gifting!!

***don’t forget to check back for our next gift guide… we’ll be talking about what to get for the GUYS***

your perfect Christmas gift guide // mom, aunts & mom-in-law

I asked, and you responded.

next to brothers, dad, husbands, and men in general (let’s be honest!), it was determined that in-laws are the toughest to shop for!! while this gift guide just covers your mother-in-law, have no fear that there will be many more posts to come that will be totally applicable in helping you shop for your sisters, brothers, and fathers in law, too!!

ladies gift guide

sometimes it’s a bit tricky to know what to grab for those ladies in your life who mean the whole world to you, but are just interested in different things, have different views and opinions based on that age gap, or who don’t always give you a lot to work with when it comes to a Christmas wish-list.

each of the gift ideas I’ve combined below are inexpensive enough to keep the budget in check, while still showing your favorite ladies how much you care ❤

the key to shopping for your mom, aunts, and mom-in-law is to keep things trendy, fresh, and fun, but still timeless, elegant, and classy

so get out your Christmas gift idea notebook (am I the only one who has one of these…) and start taking notes!! 😉

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your perfect christmas gift guide // the INTROVERT

it’s TIME! 🙂

the great untidy grace Perfect Christmas Gift Guide series has begun!!! I’ve been waiting to introduce this to you all for literally months now, and, oh boy, are we kicking things off with a bang!

this first gift guide is for your friend who would rather spend her time one on one in a coffee shop with you, than with your twelve-person friend group. that friend who loves nothing more than a night in with a good book. ah, yes: all hail the mystery of the introvert 😉 (I’m one of them, y’all!)introvert gift guide

seriously, your introverted friend will LOVE one or more of this cute bunch of goodies that play to her little heart’s desires for alone-time. 🙂 after all, don’t we all love it when someone knows us well enough to appeal to those little joys we have? ❤

1.) elephant pants
these crazy-cute stretchy pants are just $18 (won’t break the bank!!) and come in dozens of different colors & patterns so you can find just the right pair for your introvert! 😉 plus, they’re perfect for lounging around with a good book… or netflix. and $2 from every pair goes to helping save those majestic, yet endangered, species. grab yours hereContinue reading “your perfect christmas gift guide // the INTROVERT”