I. love. birthdays.

I love them so much, you guys.

I love everything they symbolize, I love spending time with my family & friends, and (of course!) I love the cake. 😉 but more than that, I love getting to use my birthday as a time to really set aside for the refreshment of my soul & a celebration of all the heart work that has taken place in me. because, friends, no matter how hard or frustrating or exhausting this year of your life has been… that is so worth celebrating.

I like to take the time to reflect on the year, release any burdens, and refresh my spirit going into the next year of my life.

so, here are a few of my own personal birthday traditions that I do every year, or have decided to do from here on out, and I think you might want to start them, too!




I turn 23 in 23 days.

somehow, getting older both doesn’t feel quite real and also seems as though it should have happened a long time ago. I’ll quote nick miller of New Girl and say that it does indeed feel like I’m finally “aging into my personality”. proud twenty-something grandma at heart over here!

it comes to my attention though, that on birthdays what we really celebrate is not just the person themselves, but the path & journey that lead them to who they are. oh, what a path I’ve had, guys. what a frigging journey. these past 12 months have been one doozy of a year. and, as it usually goes, I never saw it coming.

so often that’s how it goes, right? we get so busy surviving that we forget to embrace each of the moments as teachers for our souls. we get so busy trying to get through things & get over things that we forget to get inside our own hearts and feel the things.

so I’m going to be doing two things before my birthday this year.


1) I’m going to take a cue from my girl shelby over at a select arrow blog, and do 23 brave things- one each day- to decisively & pointedly finish off a year that had me running scared for so much of it. I’ll let you know how it all goes after my birthday 😉

2) I’m going to write a letter to myself a year ago. (Shhh… I know it’s cheesy) I do this every year in my personal journal, but I’ll chronicle it here, publicly, this time around. you might think this doesn’t take bravery anymore- I’ve made vulnerability a staple practice in my life. but it does. showing up always takes bravery. it’s always still a little scary, and it always makes my heart skip just a best to press that “publish” button and give out pieces of my heart to the world. 

but I’m going to keep it up.  Continue reading “23”

Birthday Wish List

Have you ever watched how I met your mother?

You know the episode where it’s Lily’s birthday, and she’s like over-the-moon excited, and Marshall is also so excited that he goes super over the top for her?

its my birthday.gif

I am both of those people.

for my birthday AND everyone else’s. I can hardly sleep the night before J’s birthday! and forget my own…

I just love birthdays okay?!

(by the way, that midnight crown for the birthday girl thing is pretty sweet, babe *hint*) 😉 Continue reading “Birthday Wish List”


that’s right!! it’s been one whole year since I made my very first post about honeymoon packing.

since then, I’ve gotten married, moved three times, grown this blog, picked up yoga seriously, went gluten-free, had bed bugs, gotten rid of bed bugs, lived in my parents’ basement, gone to therapy, learned to cook, started a facebook page for young brides, sold over $500 worth of hand lettered art, lived in a 270 square foot studio apartment, lived in lancaster, changed the name of the blog, began meal-prepping, recieved a teapot from a mystery reader, worked as a nanny, had my first christmas as a married lady, visited NYC, turned 21, and probably ten thousand other things, too. Continue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNTIDY GRACE <3”

lately I love…

lately I love…

so. today I discovered gifs

well. not really.

I knew they existed long before today.

but today I discovered how to put them into a blog post.
I’m so sorry.
you’ll learn to forgive me…

another rainy day… booo…
(and for all my nerdy-freak readers…)
I swear I’ll stop.
I promise.
I’m done.

but! today I’m focusing this post on the things I just can’t get enough of lately!!

1. chocolate milk + my polka-dot straws
I’ve just been wanting chocolate lately, for some reason, and a bit of chocolate syrup swirled into my milk has been the perfect (and not-so-terrible for me!) cure to my craving!
plus, I’m drinking more milk… strong bones, you know. 😉 Continue reading “lately I love…”

moriah is 21// or, I didn’t have enough friends to share my cake with, so now I’m eating it for breakfast

hey you lovelies!
I am the queen of long and obnoxious blog post titles.
yes, I am flaunting my severe case of introversion and dislike of too many people in the vicinity of one cake.
no, I will never stop doing this to you.


in other news, I was bad and ignored you for the past couple of days while I tried my best to prepare for yesterday… my 21st birthday.
and (sorry, babes…)  IT WAS WORTH IT.
because, yesterday was perfect. 🙂

(if you want to know what we’re eating this week, you can click here to see the double-menu post I did last week)

naturally, the day after a birthday has its perks.
like having almost a whole chocolate cake left over.
and eating said chocolate cake for breakfast.
as I am doing currently.


(you should know by now that this post is going to be FULL of images…)

Continue reading “moriah is 21// or, I didn’t have enough friends to share my cake with, so now I’m eating it for breakfast”

21 birthday freebies / 17 of 27

you GUYS.

I love free stuff! 😀

and I know you do, too! (I mean, who doesn’t?)

and (for some reason 😉 ) everybody loves to give you free stuff when your birthday rolls around!
I don’t just mean your friends! (woohoo!)
there are lots of companies out there who offer freebies (or almost-freebies) for the birthday girl/guy! 🙂
and I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo going to take advantage of those!

and of course, being my 21st birthday, I had to give you 21 freebies 🙂
birthday freebies
Continue reading “21 birthday freebies / 17 of 27”

birthday planning / day 7 of 27

I kind of love birthdays.

others’, my own, it doesn’t matter… I just love them!

and what I equally love are intimate, farm-to-table dinner parties with incredible food and great company with conversation that winds on for hours.

while my dear friends happen to be scattered across the eastern seaboard, my sweet mama and daddy will (hopefully) be dropping by our little apartment on my birthday this year. (wheee!) so, of course, I’ve been birthday-dreaming what the perfect little spring dinner lunch party for three (or four, if J happens to not be working!) would look like…

salad + bread / spinach, blueberries, sugar snap peas, feta + rosemary farmers market bread
appetizer /oven-baked, savory flatbread with blueberry jam, apple, feta, and fresh basil
main course / grilled chicken with blueberry balsamic sauce
side dishes / salt and vinegar potato skins + baby roasted vegetables
dessert / dark chocolate bundt cake sprinkled with powdered sugar + homemade chai ice cream Continue reading “birthday planning / day 7 of 27”

dear sixteen

today I’m sitting here munching on cheerios and typing this up with stripes of sunlight crossing my computer screen. annoying? perhaps a bit. but more exciting and warm than annoying!
the sun!
the sunshine!
showing its face in dreary lancaster!
unheard of!
this is the moment I wish I were a cat and could curl up with my tail wrapped round my paws and just nap in the warm rays decorating the kitchen floor… (too weird?)

today is also happy for another reason.

today is my baby brother’s sixteenth birthday.

waaahhhhhhh Continue reading “dear sixteen”

menu plan monday // new adventures and a big surprise

hi friends 🙂

after a sick-day weekend and errand-running day off, I’m finally sitting down to let you all know what the avricks will be munching on this week!

monday // orange chicken stir-fry
tuesday // paleo apple juice chicken with broccoli and homemade french fries
wednesday // NYC BABY (Nick’s Pizza)
thursday // NYC BABY (tbd)
friday // spaghetti with meat sauce
saturday // graddad’s BBQ chicken with corn and potatoes
sunday // crock pot Italian chicken


today… I got a mystery package in the mail.

here’s the story…

husband texted me early on in the day to let me know that I wasn’t allowed to open any packages from now until my birthday because he had just ordered my present.
I proceeded to go completely giddy with happiness grocery shopping.
I returned, target bags laden with a half-week’s worth of groceries, fumbled up the stairs, and… stumbled into a small brown box.

So I called husband, thrilled about the arrival of my present.
the conversation went somewhere along these lines…

“pretty sure my present came! I put it just inside!!”
“um… there’s no way.”
“what do you mean?”
“I’m pretty sure it shipped yesterday. where’s it from?”
“world market.”
“I didn’t order anything from there… did you?”
“um… no? you’re kidding right?”
“no…? are you sure you didn’t order anything?”

so i went and picked him up from work, before returning home, setting the package on the table and staring it down. (also repeating the earlier conversation)

we eventually peeled it open, with great curiosity (me still half-hiding my eyes, thinking it was the present he’d gotten)

and we found thisContinue reading “menu plan monday // new adventures and a big surprise”