maybe you know that my husband & I were surprised by a beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, sweet-natured, PERFECT (of course) little baby girl who was born just over a month ago. her name is Iola, and we love her to bits and pieces. though not literally. cause that would be odd. and unfortunate. 😉

maybe you also know that I have generalized anxiety disorder & clinical depression. the first time I remember experiencing a very-not-normal type of anxiety, I was only five years old, although it really came at me like a punch in the gut the summer after I turned 16.

if you’ve been around the blog for very long, you probably know both of those things. but here’s something you might not know:

mental illnesses like these run in my family.
and my husband’s family.


and for this reason, I was never really sure I wanted to have my own children.

sweet, freshly-diagnosed girl looking out into her future with these fears, this is for you.
strong mama in the double trenches of mental illness & motherhood, this is for you.
tentative pregnant gal who never had to think about this until you had to go cold turkey off your meds, this is for you.
anyone who loves a mama with a mental illness, this is for you. Continue reading “MENTAL ILLNESS & MOTHERHOOD”


you guys.

30 weeks.


these past few weeks have been a brutal season for us. no joke. and during it all, our little Io has been growing like CRAZY nonstop. we can’t believe it’s just ten short weeks until we get to meet her face to face and welcome her into our little family. we already love her so much!!


Iola Grace
movement– always. ALWAYS. this girl loves to move. she pushes off whatever is sitting on my belly, she gets super excited when her daddy leads worship on sunday morning, and likes to stretch out end-to-end in mama’s tummy :O  Continue reading “BUMPDATE // WEEK 30”




though this post is short, it’s one I’ve been waiting impatiently to write for several weeks now!

after a long long while of desperately trying not to let it slip, J and I are so so very excited and happy to announce the name of our baby girl (“little fox”) Avrick. 

her name holds a very special place in our hearts, and has the same meaning of my middle name- Dawn

we’d like to oh so proudly announce the naming of our little girl: Iola Grace Avrick. ❤

the name Iola is pronounced “ee-OH-lah“, and means “dawn“. together, her first and middle name insinuate a dawn of grace, which is what I pray she will be to each soul she meets and every life she touches. we will probably call her “Io” for short 😉 (yes, like the moon of Jupiter…)

we’re so excited to see who she is and discover everything that makes her herself. I can’t wait to meet this little creature who is already as spicy as they come (HELLO feisty kicks when dad stops talking to her!) and who I’m convinced is an introvert after her stubbornness at escaping away from the nurse and hiding during the ultrasound 😉 

and I hope & pray, that as she arrives at the dawn of 2017, she will be the dawn of new spaces in our hearts, new beauty in our lives, new grace for the world. 

we love you, little Io! ❤


so yesterday, one day before the 20-week mark in my pregnancy, I decided to go hiking. now, I’ve been sort-of hiking, and I’ve been on intense nature walks, but guys… this was no joke. mama’s feet are SORE today!

so many exciting things have been happening with Little Fox in there, and I’m excited to share!! plus.. in just TWO WEEKS I’m going to be doing the big NAME REVEAL! 🙂

but 20 weeks = halfway through, and I’m so excited!

woahhhh we’re halfway there
woahhhhhhhh livin’ on a prayer!


forgive me.



size of a- banana
gender- girl
movement- just another once or twice 🙂
fun- she has hair now,
weight- about 8.5oz Continue reading “BUMPDATE // WEEK 20, OR, CRAZY PREGNANT LADY CLIMBS A MOUNTAIN”

moriah currently // family surprise & moving update

J and I have a surprise for you!

over the past two months, as so many things have been up in the air and so many changes have happened (and are still happening!), divine Love decided we needed yet one more…


yep… we’re having a baby! Continue reading “moriah currently // family surprise & moving update”