essential oils

hmmm… wondering what’s up with all the essential oils on the blog?

yeah, guys, I don’t think it’s a secret anymore… I’m OBSESSED ❤

essential oils have helped J & I in countless ways over the past year, most notably with some intense anxiety, stress, and depression. (but oodles of other ways too- like common colds, allergies, cleaning without chemicals, staying focused, sleeping better, and much much more)

in fact, I love oils SO much and believe in them SO strongly, that I couldn’t hold back anymore and made the leap to become a Young Living distributor. there are lots of reasons why I chose Young Living to be the brand I want to be associated with, but most importantly because they are the world leader in oils due to their business integrity and high standards to which they hold their product and themselves.

Essential oils distributor.png

if you want to try ’em out for yourself, you can place an order here. (make sure to plug in my ID code: 10875878)

if you’re ready to join the team & get 24% off ALL your oils (say whaaaat?!) you can sign up by clicking here.

if you’re interested, questioning, skeptical (totally my husband), or just confused (been there), feel free to shoot me an email: