I. love. birthdays.

I love them so much, you guys.

I love everything they symbolize, I love spending time with my family & friends, and (of course!) I love the cake. 😉 but more than that, I love getting to use my birthday as a time to really set aside for the refreshment of my soul & a celebration of all the heart work that has taken place in me. because, friends, no matter how hard or frustrating or exhausting this year of your life has been… that is so worth celebrating.

I like to take the time to reflect on the year, release any burdens, and refresh my spirit going into the next year of my life.

so, here are a few of my own personal birthday traditions that I do every year, or have decided to do from here on out, and I think you might want to start them, too!




hi there sweet souls!

I ducked out on a month-long hiatus from untidy grace (and most social media) for the month of february after our sweet Iola Grace was born… speaking of which…

yes! she is here! our darling girl is finally in our arms and it’s both easy and hard and beautiful and terrifying. we are completely overwhelmed in all the best ways, and we are equal parts out-of-our-minds exhausted & happy. ❤ she is the perfect addition to our family.

((just after she was placed on my chest for the first time… be still my heart!))

it’s really important to me that I get to share the story of her birth. I think birth stories matter hugely because they are the stories of how we came to be, how we joined humanity in this wild flood of wild and holy chaos. they are the stories that contain the first moments of our lives, our first breaths, the first time we were touched and held and hands-on-loved.

birth stories come with waterfalls of emotion, too. there is always a bit of fear and panic entwined in the joy and expectation that surrounds the birth of a child. it isn’t all rainbows & butterflies, and sometimes that pain & panic can turn into trauma, deep physical ramifications, or postpartum anxiety & depression. I think ALL of it matters- the joy, the newness, the happy… and the fear and disappointment. all of it deserves a voice.

I will insert here a TRIGGER WARNING for those of you who had traumatic birth experiences. mine was, too, and I want to be sensitive to what you may have faced.

Continue reading “IOLA GRACE // THE BIRTH STORY”


this is a post that I’ve been really excited to share for quite some time now… even though I wasn’t entirely sure what it would look like 🙂

while it’s never been a public thing for me, and not something I chose to share on the blog, I’ve practiced this idea of having a single word to guide and represent my year for the past couple of years.

I love #oneword365 and the way that they really rally around and create tribe in a beautiful, holistic way for those trying to live their words! so, if this is something you find yourself really connecting to by the end of this post, definitely click here and go give ’em a visit. (this isn’t sponsored- I just really love these peeps!)

here’s the idea: instead of creating a list of things to do, or to not do, in the new year (which are pretty much either abandoned or causing you to pull your hair out by the time march rolls around), you just find one, solitary word that resonates with your soul, and you choose that as your battle-cry and banner for the coming year. or, more accurately, it chooses you; or that’s what it feels like. more often than not, the word you’ve been running from is the word you need. (don’tcha hate that?)

I’ve been searching for my word for almost three months. and even though I’ve pretty much known it since the beginning, it took me until the end of the creative retreat I did at the beginning of this week (more on that later!) to fully embrace it and own it.


it’s time. no more messing around. it’s my word that’s been given to me, and I’m running with it, clinging to it, breathing it in and becoming more comfortable with it in my life.  Continue reading “I DON’T DO RESOLUTIONS // MY #ONEWORD365 FOR 2017”


you guys.

30 weeks.


these past few weeks have been a brutal season for us. no joke. and during it all, our little Io has been growing like CRAZY nonstop. we can’t believe it’s just ten short weeks until we get to meet her face to face and welcome her into our little family. we already love her so much!!


Iola Grace
movement– always. ALWAYS. this girl loves to move. she pushes off whatever is sitting on my belly, she gets super excited when her daddy leads worship on sunday morning, and likes to stretch out end-to-end in mama’s tummy :O  Continue reading “BUMPDATE // WEEK 30”


hey friends!

I thought I’d write a little update for all of you who follow along here at the blog so you’ll have the inside scoop into what’s going on this season with me & my little fam, and so you can get excited about some of the great things to come in preparation for Christmas with Untidy Grace! 🙂

1.) the slow transition from fall into winter has blown by in this life season of pure chaos for us. with an emergency room trip for me at the beginning of last month, and then an ER visit & hospital stay (complete with surgery!) for J that bled over into this month, it’s felt like one crisis after another. we’ve definitely been kept on our toes. thankfully, we’ve been loved on by my sweet Holy Yoga family and by dear friends- both here in WA and all the way from the east coast in MD! still, the healing process, mixed with entering my third trimester of pregnancy, with anxiety and exhaustion sprinkled on top has not been fun. (did I put that mildly enough? 😉 ) Continue reading “CHRISTMAS WITH UNTIDY GRACE & LIFE LATELY”




though this post is short, it’s one I’ve been waiting impatiently to write for several weeks now!

after a long long while of desperately trying not to let it slip, J and I are so so very excited and happy to announce the name of our baby girl (“little fox”) Avrick. 

her name holds a very special place in our hearts, and has the same meaning of my middle name- Dawn

we’d like to oh so proudly announce the naming of our little girl: Iola Grace Avrick. ❤

the name Iola is pronounced “ee-OH-lah“, and means “dawn“. together, her first and middle name insinuate a dawn of grace, which is what I pray she will be to each soul she meets and every life she touches. we will probably call her “Io” for short 😉 (yes, like the moon of Jupiter…)

we’re so excited to see who she is and discover everything that makes her herself. I can’t wait to meet this little creature who is already as spicy as they come (HELLO feisty kicks when dad stops talking to her!) and who I’m convinced is an introvert after her stubbornness at escaping away from the nurse and hiding during the ultrasound 😉 

and I hope & pray, that as she arrives at the dawn of 2017, she will be the dawn of new spaces in our hearts, new beauty in our lives, new grace for the world. 

we love you, little Io! ❤


hey guys!

happy fri-YAY!

and happy second day of autumn 😉

even though I’m back on the east coast with the people I so dearly love, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cool air and stormy skies of our new pacific northwest home. I’ve kinda been creeping on the weather app since I got here, and I’m sorta completely jealous of the highs in the low 60’s and cloudy sky! (come on, maryland! don’t fail me now!)

I’ve also been creeping on the weather app for another reason… my bestie, my sister from another mister, my #1 homegirl is flying back with me when I go home next tuesday! and I’m so pumped to give her the FULL washington experience- from seattle to the Olympic mountains to the small water-side town of poulsbo. it’s going to be a blast, and I have to keep an eye on that fickle weather in order to decide which day is best to do what.

remember when she came to visit us in lancaster?

well, since I’m craving all things cozy, and we want to give her the full taste (HA) of life in the PNW, I’m going to be cooking up yummy, homey, autumn food the whole week she’s there. ❤ (yep. it’s a whole week. get ready for her face to join mine all over the blog!) Continue reading “COZY AUTUMN YUMMINESS // FOODIE FRIDAY”




and all that craziness also means that this week’s installment of foodie friday is a little different than it normally will be. don’t worry. it will still be awesome 😉

so on tuesday, I’m getting on a plane and flying back across the country to maryland to visit my fam, shoot a wedding (!!), and attend my own baby shower. then when I fly back the following tuesday, my sweet friend is coming with me for an amazing week here in the pacific northwest!

(talk about a whirlwind)

as such, I won’t be doing a whole lot of cooking this week. so instead, I’ll give you the three days I will be cooking, and then fill you in on some of my favorite snacks to take while travelling.

sound good? good.

saturday // salt & pepper pork chops with rice and green beans
sunday // tacos
monday // out for day off

FAVORITE SNACKS FOR TRAVEL (especially while pregnant)
1) beef jerky 
2 & 3) pretzels with nutella (I get the little packets that are easy to stick in my purse!)
4) fruit snacks (annie’s organics are my fave!)
5) almonds or another nut in easy packaging
6) KIND bars (they’re tasty, it’s all real food, and they pack some serious protein)
7) pop chips (I love ’em cause I can eat a lot of them) 😉

there you have it! my favorite travel snacks! 🙂

seeya on the east coast, y’all!



I know I’ve been talking this up for a couple weeks now, but TONIGHT from 10:30pm until TOMORROW at 10:30am pacific time, the Untidy Grace blog will be unavailable to view because when it reopens tomorrow morning, it will look TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

that’s right. we’re doing a total facelift ’round here as a celebration of ONE WEEK until a full brand reveal.

what exactly is a full brand reveal? Continue reading “HERE’S WHAT’S UP // WHAT EXACTLY IS CHANGING FOR UNTIDY GRACE THIS MONTH”

seasons of building


pull up a chair, friend. pull up a chair, and grab that cup of coffee. yeah, the mugs are in the cabinet beside the sink. there you go. coffee is in the corner… yeah, there you go. cream and sugar beside it. oh hell, grab the whole pot and bring it over- you’ll want a refill; we’ll be here a while. because there’s some crazy kind of changing going on over here.

have you ever had a season where the foundations of the things you’ve built start to crack and crumble, and doors that you thought to be wide open get slammed right in your face as you try to walk through them… leaving you startled and a little bit stung? have you ever had to face the fact that the way you thought you were called to something, isn’t the way you’re supposed to live out that calling? it sucks, y’all.

and in the wake of all the doors being slammed and all the confusion and all the crazy-what-now? I’m forced to turn away and look out across this huge plane of possibility. Possibility where God says “okay, I’m leading you out into the wild, the rich and full unknown, into the places you didn’t think you were capable of going, the journeys you didn’t think you were capable of walking.” and I’m over here like “HUH? this makes no sense. what you called me to is over there, behind that door that my face just got smacked with.”


no. no it isn’t.

here’s the thing- my calling is everywhere. it’s in every situation and person I meet, and it takes the shape of something different than I assumed (assuming things is dangerous when it comes to Jesus, y’all.)

because my calling is myself. let me explain. my calling is knit into who I am. it will always be there. I can’t lose it or misplace it among the other thousand things that catch my attention or wound me. I can’t forget it somewhere or somehow miss it. it’s right there, waiting to be utilized in the way I speak, the way I love, the way I reach out and respond. and so the way it looks is wherever I am and whoever I am now. the way it shows itself is how it needs to in each moment to be used and given to the world.

and so I am in this space of sweet, sweet commune with Jesus (and, let’s be real, some pretty intense impatience) where I get to say “so where am I? who am I? how does this look for me? how should this calling grow with me? how should I speak it and live it? how do I put this out into the world in a way that is who I am and who You are?”

and what’s better? the calling is all about rebuilding. it’s all about making new and making space for healing.

and as I explore this new place inside me that Jesus is rebuilding and making new and healing… there are going to be changes all over the place. my career is becoming, just as I am. this blog will change, too, probably, and there will be wild and new things being breathed to life in my journey as I start to sit and meditate in this new space.

so that’s what I’m doing now, friends.

I’m sitting and breathing and waiting and writing and choosing to believe that my smallness is no issue for a BIG BIG GOD who is, Himself, Divine Love. I’m working and digging deeper into Scripture and finding mentors and asking ALL the questions. I’m letting myself be renewed even when it’s frustrating, and be rebuilt even when it’s hard. I’m making these great big strides and then pausing for a while to celebrate the progress and contemplate the future. I’m being gentle but honest with myself. I’m practicing ALL the self care because beginning again makes us humans fragile.

it’s going to be new and scary, and I need you all to get behind me and back me up and pray for me in all this change.

and, if you feel so compelled, stop by for another cup of coffee ❤