Hey babes! it’s been a while (oops).

the things I’ve seen, ways I’ve expanded as a person, and experiences I’ve had since I last posted a little over a month ago are overwhelming and have been quite honestly transforming to say the least! I’m so excited to share some of them with you!

while on my 11 day road trip across the southern US with my fellow yogi babes, we were talking about body awareness. so many people in today’s hectic and disconnected world aren’t just disconnected from others, the earth, and Divine Love… they are also severely disconnected from themselves, including their physical body.

sounds crazy? let me explain.

as we drove through the vast expanse of desert, and climbed into slot canyons, and dangled over deep precipices, it was so clear to me how disconnected I am from the earth. if you believe in what the Genesis creation poem has to offer, you’ll notice the deep relationship planted within us toward the earth– working its soil, gathering good things from it, caring for and appreciating it… even being made from it! of course we’re meant to be connected to the earth!

but so many things come in the way of that- staying up past the sunset and waking up long after the sun rises is just one of the ways we have become lost and disconnected from nature. as I began to find myself in nature again on this trip, I realized something- I hadn’t even noticed how disconnected I was!

when I teach yoga classes, so many people arrive completely disconnected from their body. there are as many reasons for it as there are people. be it body trauma, sexual assault or abuse, childhood obesity, eating disorders, or simply a lifestyle not conducive to paying attention to the body’s signals, we’ve fallen out of touch with our body’s communication.

enter body scan meditation. 🙂  Continue reading “BODY SCAN MEDITATION // WHAT IT IS & HOW TO PRACTICE IT”


hey loves!

I announced a bit ago on instagram that the blog would be slowing down due to unforeseen & life-uprooting circumstances. perhaps someday I will be able to shine a bit of a light on the horrifying, healing, disastrous, delightful, unwanted, unbelievable journey we’re currently on… but as a wise woman once said (love you, G!): write from your scars, not your fresh wounds.

so… I’m just gently taking this journey day by day in the most loving & grace-filled way I know how. we shall see where it leads. 🙂

I’ve talked a little bit in the past about what spiritual abuse is and how we can recognize it & combat it in our faith families.

but today I woke up and decided all I wanted was to offer up a bit of encouragement and hope for those who might be leaving a situation where they experienced spiritual abuse… to those who are trying to heal from the hell they experienced, to those who have walked away & feel completely disillusioned by it all.



  1. I am loved by someone Higher than my abuser.
  2. I am safe.
  3. I am healing, and I will heal.
  4. I am not their perception of me.
  5. I am a human being- more precious than their theology.
  6. I am full of hope.
  7. I choose to reclaim my beliefs, separate from their lies.
  8. I choose to believe that God is for me.
  9. I choose to deconstruct.
  10. I choose to be who I am.


I did a bad thing.

well, I did an “oops” thing.

I slacked off on my daily rituals.
I eased out of my sacred moments of self-care.
I somehow lost my sight of the details, in the scope of the big picture.

and disaster struck.

you babes know how often I talk about self care, and soul care, and personal, sacred, daily rituals that help you grow & heal. well… I stopped doing those things. yup. I stopped living what I was preaching. I’m so very very human.


and, to only prove what I tell y’all on the daily… it. messed. me. up.

the thing about these beautiful daily rituals (the lighting of a candle, the sitting with a cup of hot tea, the time spent journaling or with Jesus, the breakfast carefully crafted…) is that they keep our heart elevated to a place of peace & willingness. they keep our hearts safe enough that they become brave enough to reach out.
when I forget or dismiss these rituals, I become anxious, easily agitated, stubborn, and defensive. that’s why rituals can be especially important for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses.

we all crave the things that remind us that we can be at peace, grounded, and in connection with ourselves, God, and the world around us. that’s why those daily rituals are SO important. they remind us not just of what’s important in life, but how to find access to those things.  Continue reading “MY RITUALISTIC SOUL”



I texted this to a friend in a split second of her nervousness & need earlier today. it wasn’t until just a few minutes ago that I realize it was one of those moments.

you know the ones.

you say something, text something… and later, it comes back to haunt you. the very thing you spoke over another person drifts back to you like a gentle mist and begins to manifest in your life. it chills you with realization, wakes you up a bit, and stirs you with its power.

I happen to have been given the grace of a prophetic gift. I’ve always felt more… spiritual? I guess?… than people my age. more connected to the universe & to the souls of the people around me, while simultaneously feeling detached from the hum-drum and buzz of everyday concerns. it manifested in an eerily accurate intuition, a gift for encouragement, and a sensitivity to the still, small Voice. it took me a while to discern that this was a prophetic gift.

it’s taken me still longer to really participate in my own gifts. but I’m learning. I’m always learning.


but there are times when I’m surprised by it- like today. Continue reading “HOPE & BRAVERY | A PROPHETIC MANTRA”