all about moriah & brave haven

this is brave haven.
and it’s exactly what it sounds like!
we are a haven for the aching soul & we are also brave. wild. holy.
delighting in the Imageo Deo that we see in every face.
we make space for any heart that has a willingness to love, a desire to unfold, a hope for justice & wholeness & peace.

I’m Moriah.
I’m a 225 hour certified yoga instructor.
sweet tea is my favorite.
I’m passionate about the real, raw, honest expression of what it means to be human and what grace looks like in a chaotic world.
I come alive in autumn.
I have anxiety & depression, and I’m not ashamed of those parts of my story.
I love Jesus, but I cuss a little.
I believe you matter, and you belong here.

our manifesto…
we are where grace has brought us
& don’t apologize for the ways
in which Divine Love chooses to grow us.
not all ground can grow you
not all foundations can bear
the weight of your soul.
we all belong.
we are the tapestry of the world
being woven together 
by purpose & love.
we find our holy within our wild
because wild is not 
the opposite of gentle.


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