being a woman is a mysterious, beautiful, tragic, marvelous, wild, unique adventure. I love being a woman, and I think it’s a wonderful, incomprehensible gift. but at the same time, the world we live in is not female-friendly.

the world we live in mocks what they consider feminine and celebrates what they call masculine. (of course, everyone seems to have different ideas of what those terms even mean…) the world puts men in the spotlight and women behind the scenes. women are seen as simply bodies with a service-oriented attitude, while men are seen as conquerors and victors, (basically mini gods) deserving of pride and all respect.

in fact, a man (or even woman, it seems…) doing anything “like a girl” is seen as a huge insult. and it is- it’s an insult of the most gross kind to every woman that has ever drawn breath on this planet. it’s an insult because throughout their brutalized, silenced, and struggling history, women are possibly the most resilient, brave, and powerful creatures who exist.

the “role” of women may be vastly different than what you’ve always thought. for me, it goes all the way back to the book of Genesis in scripture. in fact, it goes all the way back to the very creation of woman.

because God forms this beautiful human from a part of Adam, and then God calls her the helper of man. for so many people, the story just stops there. “yeah, woman is helper. okay.” but no.

because there’s a richness and a depth in these verses that’s only revealed when you look a little closer into the actual language in which is was written.

because the word translated “helper” is actually a Hebrew word that has no English equivalent.

because, of course.

of course God is doing something deeper & sweeter & more glorious than simply creating a human assistant.

the word there is ezer. and it is a shiveringly gorgeous word. this words comes from two separate roots- one meaning “power” and the other meaning “strength”. 

yeah. let that sink in.

used just over 20 times, it almost singlehandedly refers to God’s rescuing power in delivering Israel. wether used to describe God’s direct intervention, or the sending of others to stand in the way of their destruction, it’s very clear that this is a powerful, awe-invoking word.

the only other times it is used, is referencing the role of women- what we have translated as “helper”. (that actually nauseates me a bit). so much more than a simple assistant, or whatever equally small, quiet creature the word helper evokes, ezer is a symbol of God’s ultimate, divine strength to rescue those who most are in need of rescuing.

and who was it that God sent woman to? man. woman is the human gift of rescuing strength for man. 

ezer is the ultimate ally, the warrior you hope is on your side, and… let’s be honest here: woman is Eyowyn from that epic Lord of the Rings moment, shouting “I am no man!” as she plunges her sword into the beast. 


how heartbreaking that women have been cut down to small, quiet, hushed, timid things! no wonder the world is in crying out wounded when men have shackled their strongest ally & limited their heaven-sent rescuing strength to nursery duty. 

oh, ezers… it’s time to rise up and take your rightful place as ally, rescuer, and warrioress for the good of humankind. it’s time to brush off these shackles & stand firm and confident in the strength God has weaved into the very fabric of who you are.

stand up and stand strong, ezer. your time is now.

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