I did a bad thing.

well, I did an “oops” thing.

I slacked off on my daily rituals.
I eased out of my sacred moments of self-care.
I somehow lost my sight of the details, in the scope of the big picture.

and disaster struck.

you babes know how often I talk about self care, and soul care, and personal, sacred, daily rituals that help you grow & heal. well… I stopped doing those things. yup. I stopped living what I was preaching. I’m so very very human.


and, to only prove what I tell y’all on the daily… it. messed. me. up.

the thing about these beautiful daily rituals (the lighting of a candle, the sitting with a cup of hot tea, the time spent journaling or with Jesus, the breakfast carefully crafted…) is that they keep our heart elevated to a place of peace & willingness. they keep our hearts safe enough that they become brave enough to reach out.
when I forget or dismiss these rituals, I become anxious, easily agitated, stubborn, and defensive. that’s why rituals can be especially important for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses.

we all crave the things that remind us that we can be at peace, grounded, and in connection with ourselves, God, and the world around us. that’s why those daily rituals are SO important. they remind us not just of what’s important in life, but how to find access to those things. 

we are all made of ritualistic souls.


I dig DEEP into how to create these rituals for yourself (and better yet, assist you in doing so!) as part of my Guided Wholeness Journeys. in those very personal, one-on-one interactions, I help you discover where the blockages are that are keeping you from reaching that groundedness, peace, and connection & overcome them!

but here in this post, I want to share a bit of how I do that in MY life.
in the Guided Wholeness Journeys, I talk about how there are 7 elements of wholeness that must be fostered & cultivated through healthy habits in order to have a whole & healthy life.

my MORNING ritual goals encompass each of these: (not in any particular order)
EMOTIONAL: spend 10 minutes journaling
INTELLECTUAL: listen to a podcast while I dress/put on makeup/etc.
SOCIAL: interact with my husband before he leaves for work
PHYSICAL: do a 5 minute, wake-up yoga flow, feed my body with good food that I make
ENVIRONMENTAL: make bed, light candle
SPIRITUAL: pray, meditate, or read scripture
SEXUAL: deep belly breathing/ body awareness exercise

my EVENING/DAYTIME ritual goals also use each element:
EMOTIONAL: reflect on the day, possibly journal
INTELLECTUAL: read a chapter or two of a book
SOCIAL: attend our small group/ talk with a friend/etc.
PHYSICAL: drink plenty of water/practice yoga
ENVIRONMENTAL: set a 10 min timer & tidy the house before bed
SPIRITUAL: pray/read scripture
SEXUAL: attend therapy/therapy homework/body awareness exercises

getting into the habit of doing these things every day, gives me a lot of peace and allows me to better handle the triggers, annoyances, and stressors that come my way! when I make room in my life & heart to better myself… it makes me a more whole, kind, empathetic, and strong person to be able to offer to the world!

what are some of your daily rituals?
have you joined the Guided Wholeness Journey yet?

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