so… why do you do yoga?

I get this question aaaaallll the time, babes. it’s asked in a thousand different ways by a thousand different people with a thousand different motives.

and I love this question! the truth is, no matter who’s asking it for whatever reason (yup, definitely had people ask me this to try to prove their anti-yoga point), this is a question that never fails to spark some kind of excited flame in me… because oh, why do I practice yoga? let me count the ways, sister. 😉

because it soothes the mind

as someone who has lived with mantal illnesses, primarily anxiety and depression, for roughly 18 years of her 23+ year life, anything that calms my mind without a slew of negative side effects is my best effin friend. putting your physical body through postures of precision, steadiness, and intentionality has a profound calming effect on the brain. the signals sent through your nerves and your breath when you do something as intentional with your body as yoga, tell your brain that you’re alright, that you don’t need to panic. just a few minutes into a practice or flow & I can already feel my mind settling and my thoughts gaining clarity. and that’s priceless!

because it’s really good for your body

there are countless ways that yoga improves your overall physical health. increasing flexibility is just awesome for your body- you’re less likely to injure yourself in accidents or falls, you’re less likely to pull a muscle during another workout, and you’re less prone to stiffness/tension if you’re consistently stretching out your body. teaching your spine proper alignment (especially for those who sit at desks all day!) can make leaps and bounds of change when it comes to healing back, hip, and shoulder pain. alignment can also help clear up issues in the neck and head- for me, personally, my migraines dropped in amount significantly when I began practicing yoga and implementing proper alignment.

because it boosts confidence

yoga is an amazing practice for many reasons, including the quick improvement that most people tend to see. while a yoga practice demands consistency and patience, it’s great for people like me who are encouraged by seeing fast results. sometimes I see a difference just from the beginning to the end of a single practice! that feeling of accomplishment and body confidence does wonders for a girl’s self esteem!

because it’s is so versatile

yup. yoga is the one workout (though I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s waaaaaay more than just a workout) that actually likes my body. heightening my heart rate too much sends my body into panic mode, while yoga makes me work without causing that fearful physiological response. it’s very low-impact, which is ideal for those of us recovering from conditions that leave us physically and emotionally weak. plus, there are so many facets of yoga- hatha, ashtanga, kundalini… or more modern versions like chair yoga for seniors, yoga therapy, and kids’ yoga. yoga can seriously be for anyone at any stage of life. what other body-mind-spirit practice can you honestly say that about?

because it connects me to Divine Love

there’s something miraculous and powerful about being given the chance to mirror the posture of my heart with the posture of my body- whatever emotion is wrecking my soul, it can be expressed in healthy & healing ways on the mat. I can take it to that holy ground and find restoration and peace as my body moves with the throbbing of my heart until it begins to find & flow to the unforced rhythms of grace*. I can hand over my anger, my grief, and my fear on my mat, and walk away with peace and hope and bravery.

this is my yoga, friends. this is what I love so much about it. this is why I can’t shut up about it.

and better yet… I love to share this journey with anyone willing to step in and walk it with me! I teach both private & group classes, and you can jump into the journey, or at least learn enough to think on it over here.

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