I texted this to a friend in a split second of her nervousness & need earlier today. it wasn’t until just a few minutes ago that I realize it was one of those moments.

you know the ones.

you say something, text something… and later, it comes back to haunt you. the very thing you spoke over another person drifts back to you like a gentle mist and begins to manifest in your life. it chills you with realization, wakes you up a bit, and stirs you with its power.

I happen to have been given the grace of a prophetic gift. I’ve always felt more… spiritual? I guess?… than people my age. more connected to the universe & to the souls of the people around me, while simultaneously feeling detached from the hum-drum and buzz of everyday concerns. it manifested in an eerily accurate intuition, a gift for encouragement, and a sensitivity to the still, small Voice. it took me a while to discern that this was a prophetic gift.

it’s taken me still longer to really participate in my own gifts. but I’m learning. I’m always learning.


but there are times when I’m surprised by it- like today.

sometimes the words we say are ones we think are meant for others, but really they’re meant for us. it just takes them a little longer to reach our hearts, because that’s not who we thought we were talking to 😉

and even as I absorbed the words, (go in with hope & walk out with bravery) I questioned, what does this hold for me? how is this for me? 

my answer was simple, and something I already knew but had forgotten (isn’t it usually?) it’s all about the Presence. how we enter into & step out of the intentional Presence is self-defining. it really, really is.

enter this season of waiting and mourning and grief, just every so courageously sitting in the Presence, with the most hopeful kind of mourning. because Presence changes us, babes. we are never the same once we’ve been patient enough to wait inside the Presence. we aren’t the same if we have given ourselves over to the process Presence has for us. and this is a hopeful, hopeful thing.

we step back into the world, our faces glowing with having sat still & patiently in the glorious Presence. we step back into the world with courage, with wild drive & with passionate bravery, because love moves us. our hearts won’t be in the same place once we’ve been moved. that’s the whole point. being moved, moves us to move others. we can’t stand still if Love has moved our very soul.

yes… Presence changes us & Love moves us.
go in with hope & walk out with bravery.

breathe these mantras with a fire in your soul.
let them change & move you.
let them bring hope & bravery.

let’s be changed & moved for always.


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