hey babes!

I so love engaging with you here on this format & getting to hear from you all about your beautiful, brutal stories.

today I wanted to chat a bit about growth. maturity. and that ever-elusive feeling of having “arrived” at some mysterious destination.

actually, if I’m honest… I don’t think maturity & growth are destinations at all, but rather a habitual way of life. 

because I don’t think we ever “arrive” this side of the stars, babes. and that doesn’t have to be discouraging. on the contrary, I find it so very reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who hasn’t “arrived” at this mystical land of pristine emotional perfection. (can y’all holla with me?)

but because it’s not a destination, growth requires something of me in my current space. it requires change, and this kind of real and honest growth, this every deliberate step into maturity, requires that change in each and every present moment. 


I think that a sure sign of maturity & growth is the discomfort of consistently and willingly entering into unknown and tension-filled spaces in ourselves.

it’s the times we want to stop, but instead persevere on, resilient & firm.

it’s the seasons of storms, so severe they threaten to uproot us, but still we cling to the soil in which we were so lovingly planted.

it’s being who we are so far, acting on all we know as of yet, and not allowing anyone to keep us from it.

it’s the faith like a child… all the doubting, fury, and grief-stricken tears only serving to drive us closer and closer into Divine Love.

it’s the willingness to bear down and sit in the tension instead of bolting.

it’s doing the next right thing.

it’s the moments where we’re face down, crying out that we can’t possibly go on, breathing and hoping beyond hope.

it’s the determination to make the time for our own peace in the midst of chaos.

it’s the daily exchange of words with The Word, the constant weighing of our worth by Jesus’ scale, which always reveals itself to be in our favor.

it’s the trusting that we have been made good, that Jesus has been and always will be enough.

it’s the way we serve, giving of ourselves when there’s not much left, and trusting that we will be filled in return.

it’s the sitting in the anger, the fear, the pain, just being with our mess and with Jesus.

it’s the lifestyle of becoming, the commitment to love, the desperation for truth.

it’s the shedding of our old skin so we can unfold over and over again into newness & new life.

it’s this beautiful, brutal cycle of being who we are in order to become more of ourselves.

this is growth. this is maturity.


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