this post is so long overdue, babes.

I think a really important, and often neglected thing, that we must do as women is to honor one another and to hold vibrant, full, compassionate space for one another. to step up and speak that honor over one another.

one of the many crazy things about being a woman in the business of promoting change, is that we find ourselves working so hard to make a difference, speak out to be heard, do the hard heart-work, to protect, warrior on, hold space for, nuture… that we just get so out of breath and go un-thanked, and sometimes also un-thankful.

can we just change that for a minute?

can I just thank, thank, thank you?

can you just pause for a deep breath and read this love letter straight from my heart?


oh, woman…

I have a profound & abiding honor for the women in my life who seek the freeing truth & then walk in it with a brave kind of love.

I honor you, woman, who mourns your losses with unabashed doubt and anger. You who let your grief howl, wailing in the space of completed and not-yet, and not apologizing for your process of grappling with the wound. you are the most authentic.

I honor you, woman, who bear the weight of your family, your passion, your love, your pain, your wars, your peace… all on your strong back. and do so daily with your recognition stolen from you. you are mighty.

I honor you, woman, who have learned to speak your mind after living quite for so many years, who have opened your mouth and your heart and called it love, who have been met with hatred when your true self is too beautiful for them to bear. you are a steady kind of brave.

I honor you, woman, who continue to get back up every time you are beaten down, who continue to do the battle for justice, equality, and kindness; who rises again and again from the ashes like the wild and mighty phoenix. you are resilient. 


I honor you, woman, who deconstruct that which you believe and come out the other side breathing new life, who dare to wrestle God and walk away showered in blessing, who do the breathtaking work of anger and doubt in order to be at peace and sure. you are the champion of freedom.

I honor you, woman, who birth new life into the world- humans or ideals, who do the sacred creating, intimate growing, terrifying labor of bringing a new good thing to manifest in our time; who hold it fragile in your hands and see it as your offering to the world. you are a powerful force.

I honor you, woman, who bravely hold all of yourself to the light and seek to open, open, open until all of you is bared and shining in that transforming hope; who better yourself and continuously desire to become more of who you are. you are our cocoon.

I honor you, woman, who unfold your rejection, your dissonance, your unrest, your anxieties, your fearful tendencies, your every shaky breath… and keep unfolding until you find your center, until you find the place where Divine Love is most softly and most earnestly speaking. you are relentless.


I honor you, woman, who find hope in the fact that each day is new, different; who live in a hopeful expectancy of grace, who parade your wounds without fear or pride, believing your scars are trophies and triumphant flags. you are hopeful.

I honor you, woman, who allow no man to stand between you and your power, who take hold of your calling and run diligently and firmly the road you have been asked to; who speak prophetic words and proclaim a season of spiritual freedom over your sisters who wait and pray for peace. you are a defender of humanity.

I honor you, woman.

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