any of you babes truth-seekers?

ummm duh 🙂 we are all truth-seekers, whether we know it or not. it’s in the blueprints of our soul, to seek it out and find it. only deepest brokenness can convince us otherwise.

even when we are afraid and our minds convince us to dig no deeper, our hearts yearn for it. it is the reason, when we are running from the truth, that our very souls ache and woundedness abounds.

but the ebb and flow of our hearts is a silent compass for truth. we crave it.

because deep down we know truth will set us free.

I’ve found, especially in all of the deconstructing, that it’s a scary and perilous feeling to truly seek after truth… if we’re honest with ourselves, isn’t that what stops us before we begin, sometimes?

because… what if it isn’t at all what we expect? what if it is bigger than we think? what if it grows us out of the comfortable spaces? what if it requires more of us than we think we can give? what if it changes everything?


oh, but what if it changes everything?

here’s the thing about truth: if it’s going to set us free, it first must dismantle the cage.

so yeah. the truth changes everything.

tackling it is hard, hard, hard. going after your doubts, ruthlessly examining what you believe, and being thoroughly at peace with the results, sometimes feels like a far-off dream life where only brave people go.

I’m about to shower some wisdom on you, alright? here’s how you do it.

we all have  what I like to call “core beliefs”. those are the things that are the very foundation of all we are & all we take in. they make up the base of our worldview- the lens through which we see the world. keep those beliefs tight & everything else, hold with an open hand.
for me, that looks like holding onto the truth that there is a God, that God is Jesus, who made me in the image of the Divine, loves me, and died for me to heal my wounds so that I can live loved & healed with God forever, and love everyone else towards Jesus while I’m on my way. everything else is held with an open hand.
why? because just about everything besides your core beliefs is believed based on opinion & what you have been told. now listen VERY CAREFULLY to this: that does not mean that opinion & what you have been told is wrong; it simply means it has not yet been tested by your own soul.

every belief you have must be tested ruthlessly against Scripture and the prodding of Holy Spirit. don’t back down. be okay with not understanding, but don’t fall back on an assumption because of it.
be prepared for your beliefs to change.
be prepared for yourself to change.
this is okay. you’re allowed to change.
don’t stop because it’s hard, because it’s new, or because it’s scary.
study original languages, context, and seek the advice of wise people who will guide you along your deconstruction without instructing you to their own assumptions. read different perspectives, gain empathy for other ways of life, and grow in love.

want to know how you’ll find the truth?
when there is peace and commune between you and Holy Spirit, you are walking towards the truth.
when there is conflict and upset between you and Holy Spirit, you are walking away from it.
that’s all. promise.
that is the only sure way to know if you are in the right path. stay so so close to the Spirit, and the state of that relationship will tell you all you need to know.

walk the way of Love, babes.
keep on deconstructing.
have patience with yourselves & others.
walk towards Peace. ❤

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