there is a simple yet so breathtakingly profound truth that’s been winding its way through me lately. I’ve been letting it take its time to change & grow me. I’ve been doing a lot of that these days… a lot of changing & a lot of growing.

I’m thankful. the Divine & holy process of soul expansion is the loveliest, most intimate thing to happen to a human being, and it’s hard & wonderful & so so incredible & freeing, and I’m. Just. So. Thankful.

so, this truth… here it is:

you will always start to look like what you believe in.

did you catch that, friend?

you will ALWAYS start to look like what you believe in.

always. whatever you believe in with all of your heart will always manifest within you, burrowing roots and growing branches, laden with spiritual fruit, stretching out of you for all of the world to see.

it will become the breadth of who you are.
it will become the way that people see you.
it will become your forever-mirror.
it will become your legacy.


what, then, do you look like?

who are your beliefs making you into?

if your beliefs are full of legalism, exclusivity, suspicion, fear, hierarchy, privilege, condescension, or threatening language… you’re going to look a lot like hatred, bigotry, arrogance, superiority, and anger.

if your beliefs are full of mercy, loyalty, hope, patience, kindness, peace, faithfulness, goodness, love, joy, self-control… well, you’re going to look like that.

it’s my raw longing, babes, to look like love.
to look love-ly.
it’s honestly all I want in the world… for all the souls around me to see me and think “wow, that’s what love looks like.” because that’s who my Jesus is. Love.

and did you notice that many of the latter things are what we like to call the fruit of the Spirit? yeah… remember where Scripture also tells us that it’s all about the fruit of our lives… all about the growing up and out of us of the blessedness of grace?

so what do you look like?

what do you want to look like?

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