hey babes!

how’s your heart? did you know that May is the Mental Health Awareness Month? of course, this holds a very special space in my heart. as someone who has battled anxiety disorders, phobias, and depression for nearly her whole life, caring for my mental health & making others aware of the reality of mental illness, is super important to me.

so, in celebration of this month, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts & ideas for caring for your own mental health.

because, honestly, your mental health is the MOST important- it affects every other type of health… physical, emotional, and spiritual.

so, loves, here are some ideas for taking care of yourself and silencing the shame surrounding mental illness.

also: you totally ย DO NOT have to have a mental illness to be able to benefit from these ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰


1// build a blanket fort
2// paint your nails…
3// …or get your nails done
4// play your favorite song
5// grab a coloring book
6// hit up your favorite coffee shop & treat yourself to a huge, warm cuppa
7// hold a friend’s sleeping baby
8// attend a concert
9// have a dinner (however simple) by candlelight
10// enjoy a glass of your fave drink at home
11// put your pajamas on early
12// sit by a fireplace
13// make your own stovetop popcorn
14// try a guided meditation
15// practice deep breathing
16// have coffee with a friend
17// actually talk to the barista
18// go for a walk
19// buy some bubble wrap just to pop
20// make a self care box for tough days
21// write in a journal
22// buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
23// take your vitamins
24// clean out your dresser drawers
25// try rearranging your home according to feng shui guidelines
26// light a candle
27// fill a page with encouraging verses or quotes and hang it somewhere
28// write yourself a love letter
29// start a new book
30// unplug for a couple of hours
31// drink a glass of water
32// practice yoga
33// go barefoot outside
34// play the “floor is lava” game like a kid
35// write yourself a bucket list
36// get a massage
37// make a happy playlist
38// write a blog post
39// give someone a hug
40// make a list of things you’re grateful for
41// go to the library
42// pray
43// take a hike
44// diffuse some essential oils
45// wake up early and eat breakfast
46// try a new food
47// make a new friend
48// take a class on something that interests you
49// make a smoothie
50// look at hilarious memes
51// take a nap
52// french press coffee instead of brewing it in a pot
53// try knitting or crocheting
54// clean out your car
55// trim your facebook friends list so your newsfeed makes you inspired
56// learn how to perform acupressure on yourself
57// toss your to-do list and relax for a day
58// buy new underwear
59// listen to a TED talk
60// make a list of things that make you feel inspired… then inspire yourself
61// go stargazing
62// practice forgiving yourself
63// learn how to foam roll your muscles (ahhh ๐Ÿ™‚ )
64// make a centerpiece for your table
65// surprise someone with a small gift… or even just your presence
66// talk out your worries with a friend
67// take a selfie
68// write down ten things you love about yourself
69// stop putting yourself down
70// ask for advice
71// get off the internet and go DO one of these!

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