hi babes.

it’s been a bit, huh?

lots of processing and healing and (I’ll be real) just plain craziness going down over here. and it’s GOOD. I’ve got some insane stuff that I’m currently working on which will be coming at you next month… and it is honestly just the culmination of some of the biggest dreams & greatest fears of my heart that I didn’t even know I had, y’all. so you’re not gonna want to miss it.

I thought it might be profitable for me to let you into the sweetness that is this journey for me, and to break open some of that breathlessness that has been rebuilding me…

because sometimes I need to be reminded that what comes to me is for me. that what takes part in my deconstruction does, by default, take part in my rebuilding. that all the things that are happening in me now are working to make a greater and more purposeful future that is so worth living.

what about you?


I love the visualization of being the dwelling place of Grace & Truth.. a house in which the Divine feels at home… a residence for the Spirit of Peace. that is a picture that has always just spoken to me really deeply. and what’s lovely is that in the book of Haggai I get this whole new insight into what that could mean, into what it must mean, as I read about the people of God rebuilding the temple.

“the future glory of this house will be greater than the past glory… and in this place I will give you peace…” Haggai 2:9

this scripture, you guys. this is the foundation of so much for me in my deconstruction & rebuilding. this is the hope I grab for. this is the great inspiration for all the good I do & believe…

I am the home that Divine Love has made for Himself… broken into and pillaged by division and heartbreak and unhealed wounds… but His home nonetheless. and still called glorious. still called beautiful.

I am being rebuilt with a spirit stirred-up & hope reclaimed. I am being being rebuilt with Presence & with dedication & with perseverance. I am being rebuilt with strength, with the Spirit which chooses to remain and give courage.

the very earth is being shaken as the rebuilding  of this House stirs the old, toxic foundations upon which so much was founded.

and the Divine breathes glory over me.

inhale. exhale. breath by breath, I soften. open. release. hope.

the earth groans under the weight of all the wounds of the world, under the weight of the slow-going deconstruction, under the weight of my very soul… and it’s as though I can feel it in my womb, in the place my body created my child and birthed her, warm and screaming with both joy and terror.

getting to the real, deep joy is the most painful.


I am the home that Divine Love has made for Himself. YOU are the home that Divine Love has made for Himself. and as we are remade & sanctified & healed, the glory of Divine Love in us will be consistently brighter and more glorious than ever before.

my story is only becoming more glorious.
YOUR story is only becoming more glorious.

more & more & more & more & more GLORY is emanating out of our unveiled faces, shining with all the holiness and healing of the Presence. WE are reflecting, echoing, reverberating with the glory. WE are the never-ending vibrations of the Presence, the energetic pulses of Healing and Love in the tangible world.

keep shining.
keep building that house.

be full of glory.

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