hi beauties. I love you guys so much.

today I have a really important chat for y’all. it’s not only timely for Palm Sunday, but it’s a valuable & precious mantra for a lifetime. yeah. it’s that piercing.

when Jesus entered the city, the people waved palm branches & blessed Him, and later on they received Jesus Himself on the cross. today we open our palms to bless Him still & receive His goodness and blessing.

there’s a term we use in yoga: “palms up to receive.”

as we sit in meditation, or pause, steady in our breath, in a pose full of difficulty, we often remind ourselves or our students to simply turn our hands so our palms face up- a posture of surrender, openness, and release.

it’s a softness, a gentleness, a simplicity in the midst of spiritual tension. it’s an offering in the midst of emotional scarcity. it’s a song of sweetness in the screaming bitter season of the soul.

this is our Palm Sunday everyday.

this is our silent shout of hosanna, defiant in the chaos of a world shrieking with fear & demanding our worry and panic.

this is the sweet posturing of our thankful heart’s center back to the kindness & coming of the Presence of Jesus.

the spirit of Palm Sunday is one to carry always. because it’s all about the welcoming of Jesus. and we must welcome Him always, in all ways into our hidden spaces. if we desire to walk His Way, we must be breathing, living, walking, in a constant state of welcoming. a constant state of palms open.

to receive.

to bless.

to release.

to break open of ourselves and pour out our hearts as an offering of “yes.” to the Presence of Divine Love. this is the heart of Holy Week. this is the posture of Palm Sunday.

so… breathe gentle, breathe deep.


palms open.

release. offer. bless. receive.

may the Presence of Jesus pour life into the chasm of your aching soul. may your welcoming of His beauty be your saving grace.

be blessed, love.

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