I’ll keep the words short & sweet on this post, because I want you to totally enjoy all the photos of our little Io’s nursery! ❤

we finally finished up her part of our bedroom, and I am just so in love with how sweet and cozy and homey it is. it makes my heart happy to see her little space, and anticipate how so soon, a little girl will be living in here with us!

cozy boho is a pretty good description of the feel of her nursery, I think. I wanted to create a space perfect for cuddling, with smart and beautiful storage, and a vibe that could both mesh with an adult bedroom while also growing with her (I think these pieces can all be easily transitioned to a big-girl room as she gets older!)

so come on in & cuddle up in Iola’s cozy boho nursery… shhh, baby’s sleeping 😉


had to throw in a little bump picture because she’s gotten so big! (doctor estimates 7lb 3oz  & SUPER LONG at her due date!) so much for fearing having a teeny preemie!

mama was nesting furiously for a few days, but at this point I have zero energy left for that, and am in too much pain to do much at all except for curl in a ball or lie down. you can just ask poor J, who had to deal with me curled in the fetal position/crawling around on my hands and knees and sobbing last night because the nerve pain was so bad and was shooting all the way down my legs. 😦

yup. we’re definitely ready for our Io-girl.

like, now.

excuse me while I snuggle up in my comfy rocker with a huge cup of tea and a fuzzy blanket…


100% obsessed with the one-of-a-kind, hand-made-in-India wall hanging that I snagged at home goods for just $20. ❤ seriously, I feel like it just makes the room!

I loved that the little bunting decor from my baby shower was just SO CUTE that I could reuse it in her space!! the FOX banner above & the little circles and fox faces in the string below are both from my shower ❤

lots of next-size-up clothes stacked and ready to replace the ones in the bins!
and that overflow of books! ah!
welcome to our untidy life 😉


all storage boxes & bins are from target!



of course the space wouldn’t be complete without our faves like our young living essential oils diffuser, a sound machine & our himalayan salt lamp. must-haves!

we have yet to move her diapers & wipes & such onto the little rolling cart we have to go beside the dresser, but for now they’re tucked into the top drawer, and we’re tackling one thing at a time.

this mama is just plain. worn. out.

come on, little one… ❤



  1. wow!!!! First stop CONGRATUALIONS!!! I know I did a girls room makeover and it was allllot of work!!! So wellllll done!! you nailed it!! It looks amazing!! love the sooooo many cute details! I would love to go over again!! I shared my girsl bedroom makeover on the blog as well!

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