dear sisters:

wether you are marching peacefully on street corners with your brave signs, or standing in solidarity from your workplace where the glass ceiling is beginning to look a little cracked, or sitting solemnly with us from your rocking chair where you hush your little one… I am with you

I am your people.

I am on your side.

I am praying for you.

I’m praying for peace & safety- that these things would rule and be the megaphone through which our message is spoken. that the message won’t be twisted or miscommunicated by acts of violence or nonsensical foolishness. that you, and your sisters, and your children, and your friends will be safe. that your passion would fuel your peace, and not lead you astray into violence. that it will give you clarity of heart & mind, not blind you with hatred or unfocused anger. that this movement will be one of beauty and holy change, and not one of brute force and stubborn unfeeling… that is what we are fighting.

I’m praying for support- that those on the fence will rise up to support womankind (and in natural succession- humanity as a whole), that the police will protect the peaceful instead of having reason to fear our cause, that hope will rise with the increase of voices, that men will rally behind their women with deep conviction.

I’m praying for the men- that they’ll be secure & confident enough in their masculinity that they have no fear, no jealousy, no rival, no defensiveness in defending and standing for the women of the world. that they will recognize that a woman empowered empowers all of humanity- men and women alike. that they will feel pride and joy in the success and achievements of their female counterparts because the joy expressed & experienced by one part of humanity is joy for all of humanity. that they will proudly and unashamedly don the cap of feminism and be bold with their voices on the behalf of all of humanity.

I’m praying for the right priorities- that we will be fighting FOR things, not reacting AGAINST things. that we will be for love, for unity, for peace, for kindness, for hope, for change, for Jesus, for women, for minorities, for goodness, for HUMANS. that we won’t find our hope or passion in institutions, past wounds, or the hatred of one man… but that we will find it in compassion for our fellow humanity & big, controversial love for those overlooked and undervalued. 

stand firm in your feminism that is guided by love! be bold for what matters. your voice is yours for a reason.

I’m with you, sisters.


  1. I don’t understand what “the message” is that you are referring to – the message that you would like to be communicated through the march. In view of your relationship with Christ, would you mind summarizing what the message is, and what this “movement” is about? What is this movement attempting to accomplish?


    1. The message is simply that women are people, too, and that women’s rights ARE human rights. The Women’s March is an international & annual one that aims to create awareness and demand action for the mistreatment of women worldwide. This year it gained a lot of popularity & media attention in the US especially after the way that Trump treated & referred to women repeatedly during his run for office, as well as the slew of 2016 rape trials which yielded pitifully short and disturbingly inadequate sentences because the judges “didn’t want to jeopardize the futures” of the men who committed these crimes.
      At the march lots of rights & reasons were being marched for- rape victims, equal pay in the workplace, domestic abuse awareness, respect for racial minorities, and the welcoming of refugees to name a few.
      As long as women are not protected, uplifted, and represented worldwide, I think the push for women’s rights will always have significance, and should be fought for- just like Jesus respected and elevated women in ways that appeared very drastic and controversial in His time, because He valued them so very deeply 🙂
      Hope that answers your question!


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