“never touch anything with half of your heart.” // unknown
that quote could easily be the banner over my life. because this girl is sick and tired of being told to half-heart things. to be fair, I have never been very good at it… sometimes to my detriment. I live fully alive. I am all-in or all-out. I knew I was going to marry my husband after our first date. I drop everything if someone needs me… and sometimes if they don’t. I am viciously loyal, even if the sentiment doesn’t go both ways. If you want me, you’ve got all of me. if you don’t, you’ve lost me.

my soul is spicy and expansive and always on full-throttle… honestly, most of the time it’s something I can’t even help and don’t even realize I’m doing. it simply is. and I have come to realize that there are others like me, other spicy and expansive full-throttle-ers, whose purpose in life is to make the world uncomfortable enough through our vibrant love and terrifying all-in-ness, that it will move mountains.

see (as much as we’d like to think otherwise) our spicy, vibrant hearts are perfectly suited & strengthened for the bearing of burdens and voicing of injustices, but aren’t always built to withstand the lifting of entire mountains. we cry out and call attention and walk alongside, but we need help to elevate a church, raise a nation, change a world. we are prophets and prophetesses, but we need the kings and the priests and the armies to rise up and take their perfectly suited place by our side. we cannot be all things- no one is all things except our Jesus. we are made to work in tandem; we are meant to function as a unified family.

in fact, I’ve come to realize there several kinds of us that make up the world- and each of us has a part to play that we will be absolutely held accountable for. we each have a desperate and grave responsibility in this fight for Jesus-like compassion, justice, equality, and basic human dignity. none of us are excused- we simply each need to find our place and our way to be the change… in the perfect and precise way our hearts and minds were made to do so.

so, to the spicy & all-in heart: keep crying out, keep bearing the burdens, keep advocating, keep standing in the gate and prophesying over dry bones and keep being the voice crying out in the desert to make straight the way of the Lord. do not give up when you are discouraged- I know you suffer from burnout and are tempted to wilt under discouragement and rejection, but don’t do it. this cause is too important. love matters too much. your role in this story is slowly & brilliantly taking effect with every stirred soul. you are the ones marching in the streets and posting on facebook and organizing rallies and speaking at conventions and vibrantly standing up for your affected friends & neighbors. you’re the emotional whirlwind that sweeps the world off its feet and teaches it to love again. we need you.

to the stoic & steady soul: be strong. do justly, and cultivate that love for mercy in your righteousness-loving heart. use your voice, and take a stand; your sure-footed stance and calm determination are invaluable assets in this battle. your collected and wise arguments give weight and legitimacy to the sincerity and authenticity of the spicy ones. you are the ones who don’t let the fight go unfinished. you are the ones who can bear the weight of the long haul. you are the mountain-movers and peace-bringers. don’t let the all-in souls make you feel less-than because your passion is a steady simmer instead of a wild boil. you are the ones who create logical arguments, speak unshaken by the frenzy of rolling emotion, keep your ground without fear, stand up to political and spiritual leaders who defy the truth, and carry us through. we need you.

to the skeptical & antagonistic one: hear me clearer than all else- you were born for this. it is your testimony that changes tides and turns tables. you are the missing piece in the story of justice and reconciliation that blows away the arguments and shuts down empires of stubbornness. when your heart softens, we all become stronger. when you surrender your spirit to holy becoming, we all win. progress cannot turn to completion without you. we are all waiting for you to join the movement of holiness & grace that has already captured us in that flood of righteous rescue. you are the ones who change hard hearts, sway the immovable, break the unbreakable chains, and destroy strongholds the rest of us can’t even touch with your personal testimony. we need you.

this is our story. this is our calling. this is how we are the hands and feet of Jesus. this is the way we look like love to the world. this is the gospel.


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