ever had someone tell you that you “just need to have more faith”?

aside from being kind of judgy & just plain unhelpful (that’s a blog post for an entirely different time), it’s biblically inaccurate and impossible. yeah, you did actually read that correctly. 😉 and there’s an overflowing amount of freedom that comes with no longer striving for this imaginary amount of faith you have to reach in order to no longer be deemed “less than” or “not enough” by humanity.

I mean, let’s take it back and actually look at scripture, okay?

“For I say, through the grace that was given me… think reasonably, as God has apportioned to each person a measure of faith.”
romans 12:3

did you catch that? yeah, you’ve already been given every ounce of faith you need, planted deep in your soul since the moment you said “yes” to healing. it’s already been measured out, and Divine Love didn’t shortchange you. I promise.


you don’t need “more faith”, because Jesus doesn’t deprive us of what our souls need.
you don’t need “more faith”, because you weren’t haphazardly tossed together.
you don’t need “more faith”, because the power of grace didn’t run out before it got to you.
you don’t need “more faith”, because Divine Love doesn’t allow you to suffer meaninglessly.
you don’t need “more faith”, because He isn’t dangling it in front of your nose, then handing it to someone else.
you don’t need “more faith”, because you don’t need more anything. you have all you need because God is a good God who gives good things in abundance and doesn’t let His children go spiritually hungry.


see, viewing God as someone who only gives us a little of what we need, then plays games with us until we beg for more because we’re drowning in the battle, isn’t an issue of faith at all. it’s an issue of how we see Divine Love.

perhaps the reason we are so quick to tell people to have more faith, is that their lives require more faith than we have been given.

perhaps we do not have the faith to withstand the struggle which they have been given the faith to endure,
and so in our lack of humility we fool ourselves into thinking we must seek to soothe the jealousy or discomfort in ourselves, instead of encouraging their spirit and trusting that the faith they have been given to survive it will also provide the wisdom they need to flourish in it.

maybe we are so obsessed with our comparison games that we choose to weigh and equate the measure of our worth with the measure of our faith, instead of with the holy, heart-staining blood of Jesus. 

maybe we are so indebted to the lie that our faith is an impersonal one, that we cannot imagine a God who would give gifts differently and unevenly to each heart, and yet over-abundantly full of everything that our uniquely crafted soul would ever crave.

Maybe we’ve equated identical-ness with goodness, when Divine Love shakes His head and says it’s our unique & individual expressions of His heart (and our unique & individual needs and soul-cries) in which we find our beauty.


please hear me when I say that you have been thoughtfully, gently, and completely cared for. there is no catch. there is no catch.

you have all the faith you need, sweet friend, but it is up to you to hold it in your heart and choose to rely upon it. you must cultivate it… water it, tend to it with care, and finally realize that the fruit you’re enjoying is the growth of the holy & beautiful Jesus-love that is coming to manifestation in you.

grow well in the faith you’ve been given ❤


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