yup, I’ll admit it, y’all…this is a totally, completely, 100% biased post (heehee!) but I’m not paid to write it… I just happen to love this topic! 😉

you see, in this house, essential oils are our jam- we use these bad boys for eeeeverything (and I mean everything.), and they’ve totally changed the game for us when it comes to overall wellness. I’m talking HUGE changes in our anxiety levels, easier & deeper sleep at night (for a gal with insomnia!), colds & sicknesses nipped in the bud, and better concentration & inspiration at both work and play.

even my super-skeptical hubby is a HUGE FAN of them now, and he uses them as much (if not more!!!) than I do. no, really. his peeps in the church band are always asking him why he smells so good! Haha!

it took me & J over a year to finally take the leap and join the Young Living team, and I seriously wish we’d done it sooner. he was skeptical of oils in general, and I was skeptical if it was worth the initial start-up cost of  $160 to purchase my starter kit.

how often would we actually use them?
would they actually work for us?
how quickly would we run out and have to re-stock… and how much money would that look like?
what would we even use them for- there’s so many, it’s overwhelming!
is it really worth the investment?

so we purchased one or two things here and there, and did lots of research, and slowly our eyes opened as we started to see the difference even just our three little bottles of essential oils were making.


so, I’m no stranger to skepticism when it comes to essential oils! if that’s you- you’re in good company, my friend 🙂 in this post, I aim to help you work through some of that skepticism: I’ll share my daily oils routine, as well as some thoughts on WHY they work, and how, for us, they’ve become an invaluable part of our daily life… in just a few short weeks!

my daily oils routine:

1-2 drops of lemon oil in a glass of water to start the day and get my insides moving 😉
grounding blend on the bottoms of my feet for help with anxiety
valor II blend on my wrists for help with anxiety
RC blend on my chest to help me breathe deeply & open those airways (good for when I feel like I’m coming down with something… or when baby Io has her feet jammed against my lungs and I feel like I can’t get a good breath!)
a drop of frankincense oil in hubby’s beard oil
purification blend & thieves blend diffused throughout the day for keeping away the sickies this time of year!!
envision blend on my forearms & peppermint oil diffused for inspiration & concentration as I work
sometimes I put a drop or two of thieves blend in my coffee if I’m starting to feel under the weather… especially in the winter or when allergies are kicking up (tastes almost like a dirty chai!)
**I re-apply any morning oils (or add in the stress away blend) on an as-needed basis if I’m feeling particularly off, or stressed**
deep-breathe grounding blend straight from the bottle
a drop or two of frankincense oil in our moisturizer for skin issues like acne or dry skin… and as a calming scent before bed
diffuse lavender oil as we get ready for bed, and as we fall asleep (the YL diffusers will shut off automatically after a couple hours, so we just leave it on in our room as we crawl in between the covers!)

other oils I use often:
panaway blend massaged on for my muscle cramps due
stress away blend behind ears for particularly crazy days, or to keep my anxiety in check
digize blend on the tummy when digestive troubles arise

we make use of all the oils in our arsenal, and it’s been so rewarding to watch our anxieties lift, see ourselves breathing easier, and getting a better night’s rest.

and for the money-conscious skeptic in both of us, we can officially say that essential oils are 100% worth the investment. working kind of like a costco membership, the upfront amount is totally worth it to be able to save 24% on EVERYTHING I purchase from young living. and I’m by no means required to buy or sell anything at all with my membership. so no worrying about “making a quota” or trying to talk people into a product.

I just really love my oils!! 🙂

if your interest is piqued, click here for more information about purchasing oils to integrate into your daily life, or to simply ask questions ❤



  1. Never ingest oils without the guidance of a certified aromatherapist. Especially while pregnant. Please look up George Tisserand and the safety guideline for thieves. I say this in love, I know you researched oils but wasn’t sure if this particular scenario was part of that. The rest of the oil routine sounds amazing to me though!


    1. I only ever ingest the oils specifically approved & labeled for ingestion 🙂 I have a wonderful support group & some great mentors as well to be sure I’m using my oils appropriately!


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