this is a post that I’ve been really excited to share for quite some time now… even though I wasn’t entirely sure what it would look like 🙂

while it’s never been a public thing for me, and not something I chose to share on the blog, I’ve practiced this idea of having a single word to guide and represent my year for the past couple of years.

I love #oneword365 and the way that they really rally around and create tribe in a beautiful, holistic way for those trying to live their words! so, if this is something you find yourself really connecting to by the end of this post, definitely click here and go give ’em a visit. (this isn’t sponsored- I just really love these peeps!)

here’s the idea: instead of creating a list of things to do, or to not do, in the new year (which are pretty much either abandoned or causing you to pull your hair out by the time march rolls around), you just find one, solitary word that resonates with your soul, and you choose that as your battle-cry and banner for the coming year. or, more accurately, it chooses you; or that’s what it feels like. more often than not, the word you’ve been running from is the word you need. (don’tcha hate that?)

I’ve been searching for my word for almost three months. and even though I’ve pretty much known it since the beginning, it took me until the end of the creative retreat I did at the beginning of this week (more on that later!) to fully embrace it and own it.


it’s time. no more messing around. it’s my word that’s been given to me, and I’m running with it, clinging to it, breathing it in and becoming more comfortable with it in my life. 

my word is wholeness.

I sit here at the end of a really hard year, full of questioning, and doubting, and picking up and leaving, and wandering, and wondering, and obeying though crying, and unknown, and terrifying surprises, and deep sorrows, and newness that stings a little, and goodness that came through fire, and sweetness just barely found in the bitter… and I find myself in a space so disjointed and chaotic that all I can crave is wholeness.

a wholeness of heart- the expansion into my territory to claim the land that has been given only to me; to no longer live a small life in the crevasses of who I know I am supposed to be, but a full and free life in the constant creation of newness that comes from growing into your Jesus-self.

a wholeness of balance– the tricky and uneasy balance of priorities and balance where my people-pleasing, peace-keeping self lies apparently dormant but (if I’m honest) is really just quiet. this is the creature in me that requires an occasional “no” to flourish, when all I have done is feed others a steady diet of “yes”. it’s the part that has to get comfortable enough with my decisions so that I do not need others to be comfortable with them.

a wholeness of health– the delicate dance of body, mind, and soul that requires gentleness and kindness and firmness towards myself. the place where passion and pleasure and practicality flow gently in a rhythm of satisfaction and filled-up tanks.

wholeness is like reconciliation’s more all-encompassing sister of words.

it’s not very sexy. it’s hard work and patience and a constant kindness in the most faithful kind of way. it requires love and respect for myself and those around me, and a true desire for the work of Jesus to win in me.

the path to wholeness isn’t very glamorous, but there’s delight in it. there’s joy in the hard things when the hard things are bringing life.

in fact, at the very core of wholeness is this concept of growth and fullness and faithfulness. I’m holding the fourth verse in the book of James very dear to me as I enter this year…

“let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete (whole!), lacking in nothing.”
James 1:4

the greek word that we translate as “complete” in our bibles, literally means totally sound, or nothing being out of place.

that’s the space I’m walking towards, friends.
no more disjointed chaos.
no more excuses for why I’m pursuing things that have no business wreaking havoc in my life.
no longer tolerating toxic behaviors (from myself OR others), negative self-talk, feeding my body or mind junk, cheapening my time with my husband instead of investing in him, or caving to the expectations of those who don’t dictate my path.

this is the good, hard work of unity and togetherness and belonging. it’s the unknown space of becoming and expanding.

and it’s what this broken soul in this obscenely broken world needs right now.

this is going to be a year of wholeness- of pursuing oneness with Jesus and His beautiful, messy Way in all the spaces of my life I’ve been given.
it’s going to be a year of choosing simplicity and prioritizing fewer & less & better.
I’m speaking that over my life.

bring it, 2017.

if you’ve picked your own word for 2017, feel free to share it with me in the comments of this post, or where it’s shared! ❤

if you’re still struggling to pick a word, or if you can’t pick just one, or if you’re not even sure this is for you but still want some direction going into the new year, I have a really special and FREE e-course starting on January 2nd just for YOU!

12 thoughts on “I DON’T DO RESOLUTIONS // MY #ONEWORD365 FOR 2017

  1. Your post is the 3rd place I’ve read just today about choosing one word for the year. The first was mentioned in the book, “If You Find This Letter”, by Hannah Brencher; the second in a marriage blog I read this evening entitled, “Awesome Marriage” http://awesomemarriage.com/blog/; and now yours. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something! Thanks for a wonderfully thoughtful post.

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  2. This will be the fourth year of the “one word” resolution. After a year of learning what it means to be “still”, the word God’s given me for 2017 is “spark” and I am so looking forward to all that it will bring!

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