I don’t know about you, but my soul always feels a little more calm when my home feels like, well, home.

when I have that safe space that feels like a true haven from the chaos, everything seems a bit less daunting. when it’s clean, un-cluttered, and filled with the things (and people!) that bring me joy, it’s a space I want to be, a space I can be productive in, and a space that refreshes my spirit.

and shouldn’t that be how all homes are?!

it also makes me more ready to invite those into my home who are craving that same haven of peace and pause. having a true haven instead of simply a house or place to live, makes me not just a more refreshed person, but a more generous person. and that is something I desperately want to be.


I want not just my soul, but also my space, to be a welcoming retreat from the ache and wild of an insane world… not just for me, but for the friend who just got a dreaded phone call, the group of young girls searching for someone to take them seriously, the couple who can’t stop fighting, the one who doesn’t have family nearby and just needs some loving-on. I want people to step into my home (however small) and breathe the fresh air of belonging.

don’t you want that, too?

unfortunately, I’m a bit of a disorganized human (oops.), and I’m not the best at prioritizing my time. I don’t always do a perfect job (I’ve run around in a last-minute panic before guests arrive on more than one occasion…), but I think I’ve started to get the hang of what it means to create a haven out of the space I have.

1.) I tidy up every single day.
J & I set the timer for 15 minutes before we go to bed, and we put away everything we can in that amount of time. sometimes I do this during the day, too, if I feel like it’s messy and stressing me out. it’s amazing what you can get done in just 15 minutes! and it will make you feel so much better… talk about instant gratification!

2.) I view it as a process.
I know that it’s not a one-time thing. I will have to clean again. I will have to tidy again. I will have to go through and purge some items again. if I don’t view it as a process, I get discouraged. it’s okay though… life is a process 🙂 creating a haven is a part of that.

3.) I embrace simplicity.
If it doesn’t bring me joy or make my life more simple? bye-bye! don’t hang onto shame for donating or re-gifting. better that it belongs to someone who appreciates it, rather than sit in your home only to collect dust and receive the stank-eye from you! less is more… unless we’re talking blankets, candles, or serving bowls 😉

4.) I make it my priority.
I know that I feel better emotionally and therefore as a whole, when my home feels like a haven. I know it does good for me and for others, so I choose to do it. simple as that.

5.) I splurge where it counts.
there are things in my home that I dearly love, that bring me joy, and that are useful to me because they are huge factors in making our house feel like a haven. so I choose to make sure I have those things. candles are a good example- with a candle burning, our whole place feels peaceful to me! so I make candles a priority in our home budget! 🙂

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