some christmases are perfect.

they’re perfectly sprinkled with tinsel and giggles, your present-wrapping game looks like something out of a magazine, everyone somehow gets along, your dinner turns out better than you expected, the house magically stays clean…

some christmases… aren’t.

sometimes Christmas eve looks like your pregnant self having contractions and pain all day, a half-dead tree because you cut it down before thanksgiving, pajamas you forgot to put in the wash, a present or two still unwrapped, and meat for your favorite traditional Christmas eve dinner left out of the fridge leaving you to scavenge at Walgreens because it’s the only place still open at 8pm.

sometimes Christmas eve dinner is mozarella sticks and doritos instead of beef stew.

sometimes it’s giggling on the sofa in sweatpants because your husband’s adrenaline is still so high from putting on the Christmas eve service.

sometimes it’s all the things you didn’t see coming.

if that’s you, you’re in good company.
WE are in good company.

because Jesus was everything we didn’t see coming.

God with us.

God for us.

not forgotten.

not unseen.

not unloved.

the dare to hope.

the un-hoped-for goodness.

so often all the good things are all the things we never saw coming.
all the things wrapped in messiness.
all the things we have to travel through wondering in order to receive.

embrace the messy, okay? ❤

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