I love Christmas (big surprise, huh?).
I love this time of year.

I love the first snow, the giant scarves, the holiday drinks from Starbucks, the music spattered with the sound of jingling bells, and the homey crackling of a good fire.
I love finding the perfect gift, decking out my home, spending lots of quality time with my husband, and embracing all my favorite traditions.

but, this holiday season is also crazy-insane-super-intensely-stressful. am I right?!

between the awful colds & coughs getting passed around, trying to coordinate holiday plans with family, trying to stay within budget for all those gifts, fighting through the crazy traffic, dealing with the less-than-friendly/understanding family and friends you haven’t seen since last year’s chaos-fest, and who-knows-what-else, it can get to be a little much.

and in my experience, the dashing of dreams always happens when the real life thing doesn’t quite match up to the dazzling picture I had in my head.

if you’re anything like me, you and I gotta find a way to cope.



1.) turn off & tune out
some night this week, after everything is finally a little quieter, turn off all the lights but the tree, put your phone on airplane mode, and just sit with a cup of tea. soak in that silence. take some deep breaths. remind yourself of the beauty of the season. make a mental (or physical) note off all the goodness surrounding you.

2.) only the good stuff
it’s easy to pound back the cookies and treats that seem to be overflowing this time of year and forget that our bodies need real nourishment (guilty). take this as your reminder to spoil your body with the good stuff- crunch on some veggies, drink some herbal tea, make sure you’re staying hydrated. a healthy body is a happy body! 🙂

3.) make time for what matters
intentionally take some time out of your crazy schedule to set up a coffee date with a friend. leave the Christmas chaos behind, and talk about the stuff that really matters. get your soul filled. you’ll be surprised at how far a cheered-up spirit will take you!

4.) me-time
Christmas movie. wine. popcorn. pajamas. blankets. IN BED. get some much needed me-time before it’s time to dive back into the frenzy.

5.) just say no
the third Christmas party? nope. cookie decorating playdate? no thanks. another church event? sorry, no. if your life is already brimming, and you’re already tense, it’s time to practice using that voice of yours and start unsubscribing to the crazy. no, you won’t be screwing over your kids. yes, the people inviting you will get over it. yes, you will be so so so glad you kept Christmas a little quieter this year.

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