come sit for a minute.

I’ve got the fire going so it’s all aflame and crackling, spitting sparks up into the chimney.
the little cast iron kettle is hot and bubbling, and I’ve got a mug here ready to be filled with tea meant for cradling in chilly hands.
there are candles burning, and the tree lights are all soft and twinkly.

it’s a space made just for long chats and secrets spilled and hands clasped.

and I want to chat with you about something.
something big & deep & intimate & loud.
something I’ve been feeling my way into and out of and around as I grow and become and discover.
something I’ve been tasting on my tongue, breathing out in every shaky exhale.

this is something that changes everything.

you, my love, are a peculiar creature.
shifting & resplendent as the tide.
ebbing & flowing to newness and delight and sorrow.
restless & vagrant as the wind.
whispering and screaming through the world with unbroken tumblings.
tidal. rolling. unsettled. transformable.

you, my love, are a changeling.
this fluidity is your gift, your offering, your dynamism.
show me.png

do not forget, dear friend, that you are never stuck.
you are never without the freedom of choice in your own heart… of the still small voice that calls you to choose a new way, a different way, a better way. you are free, my love, to change your mind.

you are free to say yes where before you had said no.
you are free to say no where before you had said yes.

you are free to wait, to put on hold the decision that requires more wisdom than you currently have.
you are free to take the leap, headlong, into wild places from which you cannot restrain yourself any longer.

you are free to say “this is not working”, and try a different approach.
you are free to parent differently than you thought you wanted to.
you are free to love your partner in new and better ways when the old becomes stale.
you are free to become a completely different person.
to change careers, or directions, or hairstyles.
to pursue new passions.
to set new boundaries.
to burn bridges…
or to build them.
to pick up everything and move yourself…
or to get rid of everything and start over.

to change, become, shift, expand.

you are free to look at your life and decide that it is no longer up to the task of growing you, and you are free to edit it, ruthlessly and without abandon, until it is the reflection of the person you are becoming.

you are a changeling.
you are born for becoming.
you are made for metamorphosis.
you are handcrafted for healing.
Your Visual Travel Guide.png

don’t be afraid to change, friend… it’s in that deep, intimate, inner-self change that the truth surfaces and the gentle union of Divine Love with tattered human heart comes to be.
let it surface. let it rise. let it expand over the breadth of your soul until you begin to break free in the fullness of the becoming you’re destined for.

this is your portion and design.
this is the thing meant to fill your hands and your cup.
don’t fear the change.
don’t root yourself to toxic ground that withers you.
don’t fasten to foundations that are cracking under the weight of your clarity.

not all ground can grow you.
not all foundations can hold the weight of your soul.

let go.

be free, changeling.


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