despite what the stores and bustling media may have you believe, it is possible to  have tons of fun (and even make a difference for others, too) during the Christmas season without spending a dime.

it doesn’t require panic or much planning or being a whirlwind to fully embrace this holiday, and it will probably even soothe your chaotic heart to slow down and just do things a little more simply. 🙂

so here are 20 totally FREE & non-kiddie ideas to embrace the season- use them for your advent calendar or just for fun!!

(if you’re looking for winter date ideas, they can be found here!)


1.) drive around and look at the Christmas lights (don’t forget the thermos of coffee or hot chocolate!).

2.) snuggle up by the fireplace (turn on one of YouTube’s Yule log loops if you don’t have access to the real thing!)

3.) make stovetop popcorn & drink cocoa.

4.) relax with only the Christmas tree lights on & reminisce about your favorite Christmas memories.

5.) pajamas, card/board games, and your seasonal playlist.

6.) bundle up and take an evening walk in the cold.

7.) bake & decorate Christmas cookies to give to your neighbors.

8.) make a list of cliche Christmas season things & turn it into a scavenger hunt at your local mall- grab some friends to see who can finish crossing off their list first! (winner buys coffee?) 😉

9.) watch the Christmas specials of all your favorite tv shows.

10.) finish your Christmas shopping for family & friends…

11.) …then have a gift-wrapping night, complete with a cup of your favorite drink.

12.) have a gift exchange with faraway friends via skype.

13.) serve at a homeless shelter.

14.) read the Christmas story from the Bible & think about each character’s point of view.

15.) if you have snow, go outside and PLAY in it!

16.) attempt to take your own Christmas card photo- cheesy outfits & Santa hats are a must.

17.) indoor picnic by the tree- complete with candles!

18.) try your hand at mixing up a new wintry cocktail.

19.) write letters to friends and family, just because… It doesn’t get more personal & sweet than a handwritten letter!

20.) fill a grocery bag with stuff from your kitchen for the local food pantry OR fill a bag with things from around the house to donate.

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