you guys.

30 weeks.


these past few weeks have been a brutal season for us. no joke. and during it all, our little Io has been growing like CRAZY nonstop. we can’t believe it’s just ten short weeks until we get to meet her face to face and welcome her into our little family. we already love her so much!!


Iola Grace
movement– always. ALWAYS. this girl loves to move. she pushes off whatever is sitting on my belly, she gets super excited when her daddy leads worship on sunday morning, and likes to stretch out end-to-end in mama’s tummy :O 

size– at this point, she’s probably around 3 pounds and the size of a large cantaloupe. according to my pregnancy app, she’s looking a lot more human-baby-like and less alien 😉 at this point, she’s mostly just fattening up and finishing some more intricate parts of her development before she’s ready to enter the world.

fun facts– she’s dreaming, breathing the amniotic fluid, opening her fully-formed eyes, and beginning to lower herself towards the birth canal


symptoms– low iron levels that I’m still trying to get under control mean achy, cramped, and tense muscles. back-aches and a grumpy spine from other causes have worsened. I’m not sleeping much because this girl loves to MOVE. headaches have returned, and they’ve brought indigestion and yuckiness. also, Braxton-Hicks contractions are stupid, and I’ve got mood swings galore over here.

belly– seriously BUMPIN’ over here! most people still don’t seem to think so, which makes me really sad when they mention it for some reason. definitely feeling stretched these days, and forward folds are a more complicated part of my yoga practice than ever before! I still have a tiny bit of an innie belly button. 😉

cravings & aversions- still not big on most meats (with the exception of beef!), and I’ve been eating mashed potatoes like the world is running out of them. also, I just want sweet tea all the freaking time. darn you, 45 minute drive to CFA 😦

counting the days until her arrival (it’s exactly 70, by the way) and getting SO excited for this little one ❤

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