hey friends!

I thought I’d write a little update for all of you who follow along here at the blog so you’ll have the inside scoop into what’s going on this season with me & my little fam, and so you can get excited about some of the great things to come in preparation for Christmas with Untidy Grace! 🙂

1.) the slow transition from fall into winter has blown by in this life season of pure chaos for us. with an emergency room trip for me at the beginning of last month, and then an ER visit & hospital stay (complete with surgery!) for J that bled over into this month, it’s felt like one crisis after another. we’ve definitely been kept on our toes. thankfully, we’ve been loved on by my sweet Holy Yoga family and by dear friends- both here in WA and all the way from the east coast in MD! still, the healing process, mixed with entering my third trimester of pregnancy, with anxiety and exhaustion sprinkled on top has not been fun. (did I put that mildly enough? 😉 )

hopefully, we’re on our way back to wellness, and everything is starting to move in the right direction! if you think of it, keep my sweet & strong hubby in your prayers- healing is no fun and is seriously painful, and there’s not much opportunity to rest as we enter the Christmas season in the life of a ministry fam! 😦 (you can follow all our adventures with that on instagram!)

2.) we’re busy over here also prepping for little Io to join our family in just two and a half short months… so between assembling car seats, scheduling doctor visits and hospital tours, staying up all night because she won’t stop somersaulting around, and washing a teeny tiny baby wardrobe, life is really full in a GOOD way too. our hearts are full to bursting, and we’re just so excited to meet this wonderful little human and see her sweet face ❤


we also at Untidy Grace have a bunch of fun things coming up during the Christmas season. between super simple DIY’s, cozy recipes, party inspiration, cost-effective decor ideas, winter pregnancy thoughts & tips, gift guides, freebies, new goodness in the shop, wintry meal plans, and even a link-up opportunity for you other bloggers, the excitement isn’t gonna stop anytime soon! here’s what you can expect…

1.) fun DIY’s! you can check out the one I recently posted for crazy easy and inexpensive holiday wall decor here. or this one for a countdown chain from a couple years ago. but I’ll have another one coming at you next week that’s super customizable and interactive, too!

2.) you’ll find at least one or two great recipes for your holiday parties on here in the next couple of weeks.

3.) need some inspiration for your very own Friendsgiving bash? I’ll be posting mine this week, so stay tuned!!

4.) great decor ideas, and where to grab them for cheap, can be found here!

5.) I’ll also be sharing thoughts, tips, and ideas for making a winter pregnancy (or your last Christmas without kids) extra special. read my most recent pregnancy post here.


6.) I blasted you with TONS of gift guides last year, and I’m going to be doing it again this year!! you guys gave me a great response to all the ideas & lists for checking every single person off your to-buy-for checklist, so I won’t let you down this time around 🙂

7.) who doesn’t love a good freebie?! you’ll definitely be finding FREE printable wall art for your Christmas decorating plans, as well as a FREE Christmas shopping guide to keep in your purse. 🙂

8.) if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got great tote bags with our manifesto hand-lettered on them, as well as special, limited-edition Christmas boxes for yourself or a friend to start crossing some things off that gift list!

9.) meal plans will be back in full swing with wintry menus of soup, chili, and homemade mac n cheese to inspire your own weekly food choices.


10.) finally, I’m going to be throwing an open house, and YOU are invited 😉 no, really! I’m hosting an awesome link-up with fellow bloggers who want to show off their homes, all decked out for the holidays! ❤ the fun all starts right after Thanksgiving, and if you’re a blogger and want to get in on the fun, I still have two days available for the taking! just email me ( if you’re interested!

ARE YOU EXCITED YET?! 😉 because I am!! don’t miss ANYTHING! make sure you’re part of the tribe by following along with us (just keep scrolling down to enter your email to get notified when new goodies get posted!).

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