hey bloggers!

do you like link-ups? (the answer is no- you LOVE them.) because I’m hosting a super fun one to bridge November & December in a bind of awesomeness! 😉

one of my all-time favorite things to come across online all year round (but especially during this Christmas season!) is home tours. I love getting to see how other bloggers have chosen to make their house a home, and it always feels so special and intimate to get “invited over” to their house for a few short minutes as I scroll through the beautiful images and read their personal thoughts on the touches they’ve added throughout the nooks and crannies of their spaces.

here at Untidy Grace, I’m ALL. ABOUT. INVITATION. I’m all about belonging and welcoming in. and with that the way it is around here, it just seems right that I’d have you blogger besties all over to my little cozy apartment for Christmastime 😉 would you like to join us?

we’re throwing a Christmas Home Tour party, and you can be a part of it! I already have four fabulous ladies who are excited to open up their Christmas-clad homes to invite in our wonderful internet followers for the holiday season. (and I might even make extra coffee 😉 )

french press5

you can check out the participating gals & their blogs here:

moriah // untidy grace creative co.
meg // it’s meg dean
rachel // rachel rossi design
simone // the adventures of everygirl
kristie // life with kristie

if you’re all like “YES! ME! I WANT TO DO THIS!” then send me an email!

hope to see you soon 🙂


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