I’m so excited to be able to feature this year’s first Christmas DIY! 🙂 I love Christmas, and I love simple do-it-yourself projects, so I had a blast throwing this super-easy wall decor together for the upcoming holiday season! I think you will too.

the best part about this little project is just how easy it is. literally all you have to do is cut and tie fabric. so. stinkin’. simple. seriously guys, I just made this in about 10 minutes (preggo brain and all), and I cannot stress enough that you cannot mess this up.

also, I’m pretty sure the total spent on this was about $5 or $5.50. so it’s also budget-friendly, like the rest of my Christmas decor ideas!

here’s what you need:
~an embroidery hoop (I think mine was 10″)
~3+ types of ribbon in colors/patterns of your choice (I liked the variety in texture between lace and twine and ribbon!)
~Christmas music playing in the background
~a cup of hot coffee/tea/cocoa 😉

that’s it!

step one.jpg

you might already have spare ribbon at home, and that would bring your cost down further. I purchased the embroidery hoop for just $1.60 at Hobby Lobby, and grabbed the ribbon from various places.

how to make the wall hoop:
1.) choose your statement ribbon, and decide how long you would like it to hang.
I picked the widest, thickest ribbon for this. I also started long with the ribbon, and got shorter as I went up the sides. so decide if that’s something you want to do, or if you want it all hanging the same length.

step one2.jpg

2.) take your statement ribbon of choice, fold it over the hoop so it is doubled, and cut.
we are going to loop instead of simply tie, so we’ll need that extra length! 🙂

step one3.jpg

3.) loop the cut piece like an awareness ribbon, then pull the loose ends through, tightening your ribbon around the embroidery hoop.
pull it tight, don’t forget to straighten the ribbon, and be sure the ends are even 🙂


so basically… your hoop should look like this now 🙂

step one6.jpg

lovely! good job 😉

4.) take your next ribbon, a “filler” ribbon, and use the same method to begin attaching it to the hoop.
I decided to use the cream colored lace for this on my hoop.

step one7.jpgstep one8.jpg

5.) begin to create a pattern- bring in any other ribbon you have and, once again, attach it to your hoop using that same loop method. continue until you are content with the look of your hoop.


6.) hang your lovely creation on the wall while blasting Christmas music and resisting the urge to go buy a Christmas tree right this second. 😉


happy DIY-ing, friends!! 🙂

let me know if you liked this DIY, because a have another one or two up my sleeve for later this month 😉 in the meantime, enjoy every minute of this beautiful holiday season!!



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