there’s been something boiling in me, dear hearts.

something pressing up and out that is too much for my skin to hold in, too big for my body to contain. it’s something living and breathing that is begging to be sent out into the world to do its work. it’s a wild creature, ready to breathe fire with us women. and it’s time.

it began to run free when I released This Holy Becoming and souls started soaking in what it means to be made in goodness and blessing, what it means to walk steady and sure in the core of who you are, what it means to be sought after when everyone else has backed off, what it means to turn the spotlight onto Divine Love by dancing free in our original True Design.

and now it’s going to be set a little more free, a little bit wilder, a little more unstoppable.


now, I found more fullness in my voice, more strength in my stance. I’ve discovered new frequencies within myself, new and exciting wavelengths on which I operate. I’ve begun to expand, to take up my own space, and to invite others in- broadening the proverbial table to which I offer them a seat.

and now, finally, I have my manifesto. I want you to grasp hold of it, to claim it as your own- just as I’ve begun to. I want us to rally together as this tribe, clinging to our manifesto with grace and kindness and bravery for ourselves and others. I want us to wave it like a flag as we run into the battle, rippling behind us in the wind.

and this is it, sweet souls:

“I am where grace has brought me & don’t apologize for the ways in which Divine Love chooses to grow me.”

over here at Untidy Grace… this is our fight song. this is our mantra. this is our war drum. this is our battle cry. this is our manifesto.

this is who we are.

we are un-apologetically becoming. we are unafraid. we are warrior women- girls who breathe fire. we are pursued, sought-after, built back from the ashes. we are walking witnesses to Divine Love, to Jesus and His scars. we are the story of grace. we are voices rising.

and we. will. not. be. quiet.

we are tribe.


if this is speaking to your weary soul, friend… welcome home. ❤ you belong here. you’ve always belonged here. this place is your solidarity and your tribe. we are so happy you’ve found us.

this manifesto is the air we breathe around here, as we wildly pursue the audacious act of becoming.

this manifesto is our rallying heartbeat that unifies our tribe and signifies we are one.

this manifesto is what invites you into the fold, to sit at the table and just be, in all your doubt and brokenness, to discover what this holy becoming is all about. your wounds are welcome here… that’s what the manifesto does: it welcomes you wholeheartedly, simply, without reservation, and beckons you to do the same.

this is our manifesto.

if you want to proudly display your love & commitment to our manifesto, we now have hand-lettered tote bags featuring the manifesto boldly designed here in the shop

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