if you’ve been following Untidy Grace on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been preparing for this fantastic Christmas Box reveal for a while now. it’s something I’m incredibly excited for because this is a super fun gift that combines some of my absolute favorite things in the world, and something I’d love to discover under my tree on Christmas morning!!

and here it is!

I’m sure you have bunches of questions… thankfully, I’ve pretty much thought of everything you could be wondering, and answered them all in advance! yup. you’re super welcome. 🙂

what even is a Christmas Box?
the Untidy Grace Christmas Box is the perfect gift that’s all-in-one… which means you don’t need to do a thing except place your order, and that person is checked off your Christmas list! I do all the work, and you get all the credit. because I love you. that’s right. ❤

christmas box.jpg

who should I buy a Christmas Box for?
for any gal who is on the journey of becoming, who loves to go deep in the Word, who just loves pretty hand-lettered goodies, whose fave activity is long talks over coffee, who follows this blog, who needs some encouragement, who loves to shop small, who is passionate about learning to care for herself, or who loves to wear her heart on her sleeve. really, any girl who is pursuing greater depth of self-understanding would love to unwrap these goodies! 😉

christmas box5.jpg

what comes in the Christmas Box?
here’s the best part (and probably what you guys have been waiting for this whole time!): what’s actually IN the box, aka what will you or your bestie be actually seeing when you tear open that wrapping paper? 🙂
-one copy of the This Holy Becoming 21-day Scripture Study
christmas box4.jpg
christmas box9.jpg
-one super cute canvas tote bag, hand-lettered with the Untidy Grace manifesto (more on our manifesto, and why it’s so important here)
christmas box10.jpg
christmas box3.jpg
-one exclusive wooden ornament (this hand-lettering design will NOT be sold separately from the Christmas Box!!)
-three Soul Stamps temporary tattoos ❤ (you’ll be able to read my review of these, and see what they look like when worn, in monday’s blog post!!)
you can also check out their shop with all of their collections here!!
christmas box11.jpg

how many Christmas Boxes will be available?
there will only be TEN BOXES in stock!! when they are gone, they’re gone. we will not restock them!! so this means, you need to order yours ASAP! 🙂

when will my Christmas Box arrive?
all Christmas Boxes will be shipped on December 1st to make sure they arrive in time for you to give (or receive! 😉 ). you will need to order BEFORE then if you would like one!

go here to the shop to order yours now!!!


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