with all the chaos that our lives have been over the last week, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about priorities and what it looks like to keep myself safe and healthy and well of body & spirit during these really wild and trying seasons of life.

for any preggo mamas out there, you know just how much harder it is when you’ve got a little one sending hormones surging through your body (and kicking you repeatedly) on top of whatever tough stuff you’ve got going on.

it’s especially hard not just to recognize those priorities, but also be able to enforce them with yourself and the people around you without feeling guilty. it’s difficult, though 100% necessary in order to be able to stay healthy for you, and for the health of the people who are relying on you!

make sure you have someone who will check up on YOU and be sure you are okay, making time for yourself, getting enough sleep or food, and staying healthy.

so out of this, I decided to sit down and come up with several ways to practice the all-important act of self-care. ❤ I hope you can find a few ways to show yourself some TLC!


50 ways to practice self care

1.) burn your favorite candle
2.) treat yourself to your favorite starbucks drink
3.) get creative with a coloring book
4.) have a quick, 20-minute de-clutter session
5.) take a bath with some amazing smelling bath salts
6.) bake some cookies
7.) try out hand-lettering
8.) take a power nap
9.) watch your favorite movie
10.) go for a nice walk in the fresh air
11.) collect your favorite funny youtube videos into a playlist
12.) make a list of all the things that make you happy
13.) call your mom (or bestie)
14.) try meditation
15.) make yourself a big, delicious breakfast
16.) start a new book (try this one)
17.) buy a new color of nail polish and give yourself a manicure
18.) have a girls’ night in with your fave ladies
19.) write down some loving affirmations for yourself
20.) take five deep breaths
21.) create a bucket list for the current season
22.) make an easy checklist so you can cross everything off
23.) have a glass of your favorite wine
24.) find some fresh flowers for your home
25.) practice yoga
26.) drink lots of water
27.) unplug for a few hours
28.) splurge on a massage
29.) wear ridiculously huge and comfy sweatpants
30.) give someone a hug
31.) eat some high quality chocolate
32.) use a heat pack
33.) be honest with someone about how you’re feeling right now
34.) find a playground and get on the swings
35.) call yourself out on your negative self-talk
36.) use your voice, and speak your mind
37.) make a photo book to remember all your favorite memories
38.) deep breathe using a calming essential oil
39.) make yourself a healthy smoothie
40.) spend some time in Scripture
41.) write an encouraging letter, and post it on social media
42.) plan a holiday party for your best friends
43.) start your bedtime routine early and take your time
44.) buy yourself a Christmas present… then don’t open it until Christmas morning
45.) make french-pressed coffee at home
46.) rearrange your furniture
47.) wash your bed spread
48.) stop putting things off
49.) find some inspiring people to follow on social media
50.) people watch

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