26 weeks?!

what?! where has the time gone? and at the same time, I’m so ready for January 31st to come so I can see her sweet face and know everything with her is okay. not a fan of this pregnancy limbo.

thankfully, it’s been a (mostly) restful week compared to the wonderful chaos that was the few weeks prior. I was down with a terrible cold for a few days, but the intensity of that seems to have waned a bit so I can at least get out and enjoy my favorite season and get BACK TO WORK! 🙂

this past week we finally made it out to the pumpkin patch with our dear friends, and it was just the. most. fun. ever.
Pumpkin Patch18.jpg
Pumpkin Patch13.jpg
Pumpkin Patch20.jpg

J found the perfect pumpkin to live happily on our fireplace hearth beside our firewood for the remainder of autumn (until it gets replaced by a plethora of Christmas decorations). and we found some adorable tiny pumpkins (and a sheep with a strangely deep-pitched baaa) while we were at it.

and of course we couldn’t miss the chance to include little Io in the festivities 😉

Pumpkin Patch8.jpg
Pumpkin Patch16.jpg

the pumpkin patch was the first time I had a stranger (fellow mama toting her baby girl) comment on my belly, and ask when I was due & what I am having. 🙂

yay for milestones!


Iola Grace
~the size of a butternut squash!
~still kicking up a storm
~gaining more baby fat, and weighs up to 2 pounds
~kicks every time daddy sings and/or plays guitar (and totally melts my heart) ❤
~taking all of mama’s iron & antibodies

~plagued by colds that she just can’t kick
~strangers comment on the belly!
~talks to Io daily
~anxiety worse lately
~on extra iron supplements

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