fall is in full swing around here. ❤

and, as you, know, I could not possibly be happier! well… I guess I’d be happier if it didn’t include a nasty cold that is keeping me from all the autumn-y goodness out there. but somewhere in-between blowing my nose, editing wedding images, and sipping my tea, I decided that if I couldn’t be out there right now, I might as well be making plans to get the very most out of my limited fall days.

soooo… usually on thursdays I bring you three things, but today… I’m bringing you THIRTY things because a) I love you guys, and b) I’m stuck on the couch, so what else am I gonna do?

things to do.jpg

30 things to do before autumn is over

1.) take a hike
2.) gather leaves from your neighborhood
3.) go to a pumpkin patch
4.) decorate/carve pumpkins
5.) have a baking day (try this yummy treat)
6.) make homemade apple cider
7.) visit a local market
8.) thrift for comfy sweaters
9.) paint your nails a dark, autumn-y color
10.) build a fire & tell scary stories
11.) make s’mores
12.) watch Miracle on 34th Street
13.) drink a pumpkin spice latte… (or salted caramel mocha) from Starbucks
14.) enjoy a day in the city… whatever city is closest, or that you’ve wanted to explore
15.) infuse your home/room with the sights, smells, and feels of autumn 🙂
16.) buy a new candle, incense, or essential oil blend to fill your space with cozy goodness
17.) stand outside in the evenings to see if you can see your breath
18.) rake leaves for a neighbor


19.) make caramel apples with friends
20.) get lost in a good book (add blankets & a hot drink!!)
21.) people watch in a coffee shop on a rainy day
22.) do yoga outside
23.) make this cocoa recipe that’s filled with nutella
24.) explore a corn maze
25.) come up with (and DIY!) the best halloween costume ever!
26.) host a pajama game night for friends… complete with lots of cozy blankets and snacks
27.) make your own popcorn on the stove top
28.) take a hayride
29.) “go” on a cozy stay-cation in a cute spot where all your fave fall activities are close by
30.) bid autumn adieu by going Black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts!

what else would you add to an autumn bucket list? 🙂
what are your favorite fall traditions?


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