hey guys!

happy fri-YAY!

and happy second day of autumn 😉

even though I’m back on the east coast with the people I so dearly love, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cool air and stormy skies of our new pacific northwest home. I’ve kinda been creeping on the weather app since I got here, and I’m sorta completely jealous of the highs in the low 60’s and cloudy sky! (come on, maryland! don’t fail me now!)

I’ve also been creeping on the weather app for another reason… my bestie, my sister from another mister, my #1 homegirl is flying back with me when I go home next tuesday! and I’m so pumped to give her the FULL washington experience- from seattle to the Olympic mountains to the small water-side town of poulsbo. it’s going to be a blast, and I have to keep an eye on that fickle weather in order to decide which day is best to do what.

remember when she came to visit us in lancaster?

well, since I’m craving all things cozy, and we want to give her the full taste (HA) of life in the PNW, I’m going to be cooking up yummy, homey, autumn food the whole week she’s there. ❤ (yep. it’s a whole week. get ready for her face to join mine all over the blog!)

I’ve got some steady classics (hello shepherd’s pie) and some newly discovered goodness to try (gimme ALL the chili mac n cheese!), plus loads of autumn staples like sweet potatoes, pork, and apples, to be found throughout these meals.

I will be starting this week’s FOODIE FRIDAY post at next tuesday because, well, that’s when I’m going to have to start cooking again. (sorta) so you’ll have to forgive me that.


(getting home and relaxing)
pizza from central market

(hiking/olympic national park)
apple cinnamon slow cooker pork loin and maple glazed carrots

(relaxing day at home- think autumnal DIY’s, movies, and french press by the fireplace)
chili mac n cheese

(local poulsbo fun- marina, downtown shops, the local mall…)
honey-spice glazed chicken and roasted sweet potato

(seattle day trip with Joey!)
apple cinnamon pancakes, bacon, and eggs… plus some french press coffee or hot tea!

(relaxing, and maybe hitting up a local coffee shop after church)
shepherd’s pie

(portland day trip with Joey!)
dinner on the road

apples with peanut butter, homemade oatmeal, or a potato hash & egg skillet.

we’ll stock up on nuts, cheese sticks, granola bars, and fruit for lunches on the go; when we’re relaxing at home we’ll make loaded nachos, baked sweet potatoes, grilled cheese, or easy homemade pizzas.

hopefully on our days at home we can try some fun autumn recipes like stovetop cider, pumpkin spice fudge, or baked apples to share with J when he gets home from work!

it’s going to be a full week, brimming with fun and cozy, and I cannot wait!!

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