okay guys, first things first: I apologize for all the iPhone photos in this post. yesterday was all just chick fil a and packing, and today I’m currently in the middle of a 5-hour airport wait, so that’s what you’re getting. 😉

secondly, how am I already over halfway through this pregnancy?! maybe it’s just the craziness that has been our life these past few months, but suddenly the weeks are just disappearing and time is FLYING. (ha. airport puns.)

today we were up by 5 so J could drive me to the airport in Seattle before he had to be at work at 8am. not enough coffee and a chugged half bottle of water in the security line later, and I get to sit in a rocking chair and watch planes take off. 😀 also… who is the guy on the alaska airlines plane? been staring too long with too tired of a brain and now nothing makes sense… don’t judge me.

also, does this count as our first mother-daughter trip? 😉

anyhow. week 21.


size– the vegetable baby bok choy (bigger than that little pumpkin I’m holding in the above photo!)

fun stuff– she is already experiencing REM sleep… basically this means she’s probably dreaming!

weight– about 3/4 of a pound… and around 10 inches long!

movement– irregular and chaotic… like her mom? (hahahaha)


symptoms– SO MOODY. this girl can go from sobbing to laughing in under 60 seconds. also I’m constantly starving and super clingy. headaches are back, too, and my sense of smell could probably break some records. boo…

belly– s t r e t c h i n g! I actually look significantly pregnant now, which I am 100% planning to use to my advantage in this airport. 

if you want to keep up with my prego airport adventures, just head over to my Instagram & watch my stories!!

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