monday mantra // imperfect is just right

hey all! it’s MONDAY again!

have you ever thought about what it is you have to offer the world? what it is that you can possibly do when you’re just trying to make it through the monday-est monday that ever way? what it is that you have in you that even matters? what it is that you could manage to give that anyone would want?

I’m WITH you there.

and thought monday is our day off over here, and tuesday is more like our monday… I’m feeling a small case of the mondays hit me today. I always get really frantic about endings and beginnings. I want them to be PERFECT. whether it’s something as simple as the end of the weekend that I feel the need to make count, or the beginning of a big trip that HAS to be JUST RIGHT, it’s something I tend to freak out over a little bit.

so this morning was a frantic “we need to make this the PERFECT DAY OFF because I’m leaving for a week and I’m going to miss you, and so it has to be PERFECT DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

yeah. I can be a bit of a basket case.

I can obsess so hard over things being the way I imagined them in my head, and when it doesn’t work that way… I feel like I’ve let the whole world down, when in reality I’m probably the only one who notices or cares.


so today, I’m starting over, and I’m going to just let it happen and be okay with it.
I’m going to breathe into the things I want to plan every second of and just be happy that I have this monday.
I’m going to let myself accept that sometimes, imperfect is just right, and these memories will last, even if they weren’t planned.

MONDAY MANTRA // imperfect is just right

can we enter into this heart-change space of forgiving and accepting together?

can we recognize that though our offerings to the world may feel imperfect, unfinished, or battle-scarred, they are still good?

imperfect offerings are still offered. they’re still good. they still make a difference.

so let’s show up in all our imperfection, and be okay with the fact that we don’t have it all together, don’t know it all, can’t control everything. let’s embrace our imperfect humanity, and offer it anyway.


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