if you’ve grown up in church your whole life like I have, then this title probably sounds like sacrilege.

if you’ve struggled with any type of body-shaming or negative self-talk, then this title probably sounds like a too-good-to-be-true dream.

if you’ve battled anxiety or depression or another mental illness, then this title probably sounds like a downright lie.

the point is- no matter who we are or where we come from, if we’re used to the depth of our brokenness, the belief that we’re good is not one that we can swallow easily. it’s not something we’re used to accepting. it’s not an easy thing to wrap our arms and our hearts around.

and this simple statement doesn’t feel so simple.


but regardless of our difficulty to accept or believe it… it’s true.

you were made good. I was made good. it’s in the way your spirit and body were knit together. it’s in the very basics of the blueprint of your image-bearing, namaste-breathing self (more on what image-bearing is all about here). it’s woven into every piece of your soul and spoken over the very beginning of you true self.

you’re good.

in fact, the very first words spoken over humanity were words of goodness & blessing.

the core of who you are, the first thing thought about you, the life that made you… it’s all fueled by goodness & blessing. your life is shepherded by goodness & blessing. your story is all about goodness & blessing.


right from the very beginning of Scripture, it’s there, waiting, breathing, living… ready for you to listen. right in Genesis 1.

“In the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them…”
Genesis 1:27-28a

and God blessed them… before a few verses later looking lovingly at them and saying simply “very good“.  goodness & blessing is everything you are and everything that you were made to be.

unfortunately, the roads we’ve walked have caused us to live with lies and strongholds and wounds that keep us from believing the Truth about our true selves and the Truth about how we’re seen- good, cherished, beloved. we’ve self-medicated the wounds because tearing away everything that keeps us from goodness and blessing is a terrifying, soul-baring, hard and holy experience that dives into the wounds we’ve attempted to hide for so long. it brings up questions about why we are so deep in self-hatred and bitterness and fear and makes us face them and say “no more”.

and that is hard as hell.

but something utterly incredible happens when we choose to say the hard “yes” to believing.


we become.

we slowly, achingly, turn into the people we were made to be- embracing our goodness and blessing, soaking it up, and pouring it out as an offering to the world around us and the God who gives us the good.

we breathlessly, bravely become the people we’ve locked away behind fear and shame, and open our eyes and our arms to a whole new space of belonging and grace and real, raw honestly and vulnerability.

we begin to heartrendingly, honestly uncover the Truth about using our voice and speaking our Truth and sharing our stories in a way that creates a flood of healing that unleashes its waters over us and everyone we speak that Truth to.

and we become.

this is a place for that, friend. I hold space for you and solidarity with you in your journey, and if you want to learn how to bravely become and use your voice, I can help you there, too. there’s even a 21-day guide being released on SATURDAY meant to help you in your becoming journey, and I’m so excited to get to share that with you!!

let’s bravely become together ❤


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